Which Part Of Egg Is Good For Health?

Do you love to eat egg? You may have ever wondered if the white or yolk has more benefits. Scientists indicate that taking eggs is a healthy habit, but they also encourage you to discover what advantages their components offer separately.

Which Part Of Egg Is Good For Health

Benefits of Egg White

According to the Kitchen and Wine portal, the egg is one of the most consumed foods, so it is present in an infinite number of recipes, thanks to its flavor and its properties, to lose weight or gain muscle mass. Meet some of the most important benefits of egg white.

Egg white and it’s Benefits

  1. Egg white contains significant amounts of vitamin B, in addition to having riboflavin, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, iron and folic acid. It is a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that go directly to our muscles.
  2. It contains large amounts of proteins and vitamins, especially those of group B and E, it is the food especially recommended for breakfast and, above all, after exercising.
  3. They are a great help in maintaining a satisfying feeling of satiety, which can be more effective than consuming a large amount of some type of cereal.
  4. The consumption of the egg white is ideal in the growth stage, since it helps the correct development of the muscles and, in addition, the mineralization of the bones.
  5. It offers the body the energy necessary to start the day full of activities without resorting to fats, sugar or carbohydrates, thanks to the presence of proteins.
  6. Egg white is ideal for muscle recovery, because protein is easily absorbed. It is an ideal food for mornings, by stimulating metabolism.
  7. It offers several benefits to the heart, having selenium, a necessary mineral, because the body also requires it to produce proteins and break down carbohydrates.

These are good reasons to begin to include the egg whites in our daily diet, both in ours and in our loved ones, with the assurance that we are providing them with a healthy food.

Tip: If you need to eat a low cholesterol diet, consume only the clear one that is rich in vitamins. You can combine it with other foods, such as ham, spinach or cheese, to enrich your dishes and nourish your body.

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The Benefits of Egg Yolk

  1. Egg yolk contains more protein than white.
  2. The yolk is rich in fat, since it contains four grams of fat per egg, of which 1.5 g are saturated fats, that is to say negative fats, the rest are unsaturated fats, excellent for the body.
  3. Its cholesterol index is very low and harmless to healthy people. For those who suffer high cholesterol levels, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of eggs a little, but without eliminating them completely from the diet.
  4. Egg yolk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in iron , phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. It contains vitamins A, E, D, B9 (folic acid), B12, B6, B2 and B1. and should be noted that this is one of the few foods rich in vitamin D.
  5. Egg yolk also has an excellent property: it contains a substance called choline. It is excellent for brain health, memory, and to fight against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  6. Egg yolk is rich in lecithin. This element binds to cholesterol to prevent it from being completely absorbed by the body. Lecithin is an essential nutrient for the nutrition of the bone marrow, brain, liver, heart and nervous system.

So Which Part Of egg is good for health is more beneficial? The truth is that both the white and the yolk of the egg bring benefits. The clear one lacks fats and the yolks have a small index of saturated fats, and it is also rich in protein.

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