WhatsApp Introduces The New Self-Deleting Message Feature for Android devices.

This new self-deleting message feature is available in beta (trial) versions 2.20.83 and 2.20.84 of WhatsApp for Android devices.

What is writes by WhatsApp stays there forever. This is a maxim that will change thanks to the new self-destructing messages . A feature that until now was only available in group chats and that will now be incorporated into chats between two people.

This new function of messages that delete themselves is available in beta (trial) versions 2.20.83 and 2.20.84 of WhatsApp for Android devices , as explained by the specialized portal WABetaInfo.

Until now, self-destructing message trials have been limited to group chats only . A decision that was motivated because in WhatsApp groups a large number of messages and attached documents can accumulate, as it had already been detected in previous test versions. It is a benefit that has been in the testing phase since last October.

In this way, the ‘Delete messages’ function will also be added to individual conversations between users, allowing messages to be deleted after an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year, as chosen, as WhatsApp has been testing in its trial versions.

When this function exits the testing phase, according to the aforementioned portal, a clock icon will be displayed next to the messages to report the use of the self-destruct function.


At the moment, as reported by the website specialized in information about WhatsApp , WaBetaInfo , this is a functionality that we must select within a group of chats in the settings menu.

Within the settings menu we will find options to edit the group information , choose who can send us messages and choose if we want the messages to disappear.

If we click on the option that the messages disappear , we can select several options. At the moment, the five-second option and the one-hour option are available .

When this option is selected, the messages will automatically self-destruct at the indicated time without leaving a trace.

This option is currently in what is known in jargon as a Beta phase . That is, a development stage prior to its global launch that is tested with a certain group of users while it continues to be developed. A common practice in WhatsApp and other apps or programs that allows the operation of modifications or changes to be debugged in a controlled way to avoid large-scale failures.

Although at the moment only screenshots of this new functionality have been filtered, from the specialized portal they explain that it is possibly a functionality that will also be incorporated in traditional chats in which only two people participate.


Until the function of self-destructing messages in WhatsApp is fully operational for everyone, it is possible to manually delete our messages in WhatsApp groups and chats. To do this, we just need to follow these simple instructions .

The first thing we must do is select a message, audio or image that we have sent ourselves. To do this, we must make a long press on it.

Then the menu in the top bar will show different options . In one of them, we will see a trash can.

Clicking on that trash will open a new menu that will give us the options to delete the message. Either for everyone or just for us. At this point, we only have to choose the desired option and we will have managed to eliminate the message that we have sent by WhatsApp .

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