What Vacuum Should I Buy for Pet Hair?

Every pet owner loves their animal. But we don’t love the mess. The most popular pets are cats and dogs that tend to make their presence felt – by leaving hair and fur all over the house. Wedged in the carpet, on the armchair and couch, and all over the bed as well. We all know how big a problem it is to keep this hairy nuisance at bay. If you have tried keeping your house free of pet hair by using a cheap vacuum cleaner. You will know what a thankless task it can be.

What Vacuum Should I Buy for Pet Hair

A low quality cleaner will simply leave hair balls and strands left behind in your carpets and furniture, vegetating in your home. Create bad smells and leave a bad impression on visitors and family members. Because pet hair can be really hard to clean and get out of certain materials. You should look at a cleaner that has been made with pets in mind.

Best Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

Finding a good vacuum suitable and man enough to pick up all that dog and cat hair can be a daunting task. But fear not we have looked at and reviewed the best pet vacuum cleaners. Choose the best vacuum cleaners capable of pulling out dog hairs and cat hairs from upholstery and carpet as well as wooden and tiled floors isn’t an easy task.

It is even harder to find the right machine because certain manufacturers advertise that their cleaners will work on pet fur. But they do a really bad job. But we have searched for the very best cleaners that clean pet residue really well. We look at the top vacuum cleaners and rate them from best to worst.

Pet Vacuums Buying Considerations

There are several considerations to look at when making a vacuum cleaning purchase. We looked at the following points when considering if a cleaner was up to the job:-

  • Types of Floor – Will you be using the vacuum on hard floors, carpet, long pile carpet, or a selection of different flooring?
  • Types of pet hair – The number and what type of pet you have living in your home?
  • HEPA or Carbon Filters – Dogs and cats can get very smelly, especially when they shed hair and it sits around. Special filters can help get rid of that smell when you vacuum.
  • Pet Vacuum Prices – How much can you afford to spend?
  • Bagged or Bagless – There are pro’s and con’s for bagless and bagged, which type do you prefer?
  • Included attachments – Depending on what you are cleaning, furniture, curtains etc. will reflect how important attachments may be
  • Type of Vacuum – Would you rather use a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum?
  • Size of Vacuum – Do you prefer a smaller, handheld vacuum?

As soon as you make clear in your mind the answers to these questions and what preferences you have, the easier it will be to pick the perfect product to deal with pet hairs.

Here’s a video showing a trick to get pet hairs out of your carpets:-

Do you need HEPA and Carbon Filters?

A lot of the vacuums we recommend come with a HEPA filter, so what is it? Well HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and in a nutshell. That means it removes harmful dust and allergens from the air. HEPA filters can trap almost 100% (99.995% to be exact) of particles and are useful if you have asthma or allergies.

Vacuum cleaners that have a HEPA filter are worth considering if you are concerned about the air quality in your home. Most of them can be removed and cleaned under running water.

An activated carbon filter is sometimes included as well because this filter will help remove any odors that could be released by hovered up pet hairs within the vacuum.  This is again good for pet owners as a pongee vacuum cleaner is one of the worst side effects often associated with having a pet.

Most manufacturers of vacuum cleaners seems to have released a dedicated pet hair cleaning vacuum, and with so many options to look at, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. We look at not just the product but also the customer reviews and feedback to help you decide.

The Best Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum 

Handheld vacuums are a great option for small spaces. It is perfect when you need to conveniently vacuum furniture or small messes in a hurry. When you have pets, their hair can accumulate around the baseboards of the home, and looks pretty unsightly. We’ve found the very Best Handheld Vacuum for Pets based on features, prices, and of course, customer reviews.

Priced between $130 and $170, the Hoover Platinum Collection LINX Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum is a great investment. We think is fair for the convenience and features that this handheld vac offers.

When it comes to convenience, the words handheld and cordless epitomize the meaning. But the Hoover Platinum Collection LINX Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum does a lot more than that. Specifically made to remove pet hair. this handheld vac includes a motorized brush attachment that works wonders at getting rid of pet fur. From furniture to stairs, and even in small spaces. This best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair really comes in handy when you have pets.

The Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Fur

In a fast-paced world like we live in today, it’s no wonder why convenience is one of the most important factors we consider before purchasing anything. The same is true for vacuums, and a cordless vacuum makes carpet cleaning a task that can be done faster and easier than ever before.

Also our favorite handheld vacuum, the Hoover Platinum LINX Vacuum tops our picks for the best cordless vacuum. What can we say – this is one quality machine. It is affordably priced between $130 and $170, and we feel that it’s a great investment for floor care.

Reviewers love the Hoover Platinum Collection LINX Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, and we know why. This handheld vac is convenient and easy to use, and is made specifically for vacuuming up pet hair. The LINX also includes a motorized brush attachment that works really well at snagging up pet hair from carpet and rugs, as well as from furniture, and best of all, this baby will go where other vacuums won’t — the attachments will reach into small, tight spaces with ease.

The Best Bagless Vacuum for Pets

Not only do bagless vacuums save you money in the long run, they’re easier and more convenient to clean, making vacuum a less tiresome task. Although it’s most about your personal preference. There are advantages to owning a bagless vacuum, especially for when you have pets.

Pet hair accumulates quickly.  Any pet owner will vouch for that. While regular vacuums still do a great job at removing pet fuzz from floors and furniture. This bagless vacuums allow you to empty the canister and go right back to work. There’s no changing out bags with a bagless vac – just a simple walk to the trash can, and you’re done. Without spending money to replace those bags, bagless vacuums will also save you a decent amount of cash over time.

Priced around $70, there’s not much that we don’t absolutely love about the Bissell CleanView with One Pass Bagless Vacuum. The price is fantastic, and this vacuum includes a ton of features that we think you’re going to love too.

The Bissell CleanView with One Pass provides fast and easy cleaning in a lightweight vacuum with powerful suction, and customer reviews are fantastic as well. Some of the features included on this model are that it removes more dirt on the initial pass. The Cyclonic System provides long-lasting, powerful suction, the TurboBrush tool cleans stairs, furniture, and upholstery, and our favorite. The Easy Empty dirt tank which cuts down on cost and time spent cleaning out the canister.

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