VLC Media Player: How to download and use one of the best players

Although Video LAN VLC throughout its existence has always been a Player full of features, stable and very good performance, has not caught the attention of the average user, mainly due to the belief that it is a complicated app to use, however, nothing is further from reality, since the truth is that VLC is easy to use just like the Windows player or any other.

In this sense, what may scare the user is the large number of options that You have read in different media that it offers, which are however under the interface, far from the most common options such as select a subtitle or increase the volume, which means that they are not up front confusing the user and hindering his t area.

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Taking this consideration into account, we can safely say that VLC is the best player video and audio that exists in the market, and is the result of all the journey and experience gained in the demanding field of media reproduction.

If you want to know everything VLC Media Player can offer you, in this post you will find everything you need to understand why connoisseurs prefer VLC to any other alternative.

What is VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an audio and video player, but it offers many more options and tools than any other on the market, but as we mentioned above, unfortunately it has always been seen by the common user as an alternative too difficult to understand and use. However, this is not the case, since, like any other player, to be able to listen to music or watch videos, you do not need anything more than to click on the files that you want to be played.

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The difference between VLC and other music or video players is that below this simplicity is a powerful tool with which we will be able to do much more than listen to music or watch videos, since it presents features and options to do tasks that we usually cannot do with this type of apps, such as converting audio and others, which Obviously it is a great advantage not having to use extra software for these things.

For all these details, VLC is for many the best app for listening to music and watching videos. If you want to know in depth all the features of VLC, do not hesitate to continue reading the rest of the post, where you will find all the necessary information to get the most out of this player.

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How to use VLC

In order to use this fantastic player to the maximum of its possibilities, the best thing we can do is to carefully follow the instructions, tips and tricks about VLC that we offer in this post.

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However, due the impressive number of options VLC offers, the first time we try to do something with it can be somewhat frustrating, as this very diversity of features and controls can be a bit intimidating.

For this reason, from this point they eat We will start with a tutorial to download, install and set up VLC Media Player, which also includes instructions for to associate our collection of videos and music so that we can play them on VLC without any type of problems.

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Download and install VLC Player Free

Step 1

To download VLC Media Player to our computer, the first thing we have to do is click on this link which will direct us to the official download page VLC.

Step 2

There we will choose the type of operating system that we have installed on the computer.

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Step 3

Once the type has been selected operating system, the page will start to download the installation file automatically.

Step 4

When it has been downloaded to our computer, we look for it in the folder in which the things we download from the Internet are usually stored. In Windows it is generally the folder “Downloads”

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Step 5

Once there we double click on the VLC installation file, after which it will begin to install on our computer.

Step 6

We accept Windows warnings and we select the language, in this case “Spanish”.

 all-on-vlc- (8)

Step 7

We accept the licenses, after which a box will appear in which we will have to select some options. In the case of being sure of what we are doing, we can modify them as we please, however, the best thing for other users is to leave everything as it is, since for example in this section you will find the options for associate all audio and video files with VLC. To continue with the installation, click on “Next”.

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Step 8

In this step, we can select the installation location. At this point the same warning runs as in the previous step. Click on “Next.”

Step 9

To finish, VLC Media Player will begin to install on our computer. To run VLC Media Player, click on the button “Finish”.

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Download and install VLC Portable free

Before beginning, it is necessary to emphasize that the portable version of VLC is not official, that is to say that it is not a development of the created ones. However, the portable version of VLC is completely secure and offers all the features that the installable version provides.

For install the portable version of VLC, the only thing we have to do is follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1

The first thing we are going to do is , which will take us to “Portableapps.com”, a prestigious site dedicated to portable applications.

 all-over-vlc- (11)

Step 2

Once on the site, click on the button “Download from Portableapps.com”.

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Step 3

When we completed the process, the installed Portable VLC r will start downloading to our PC.

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Step 4

To start using VLC Portable, all we have to do is double click on the executable and follow the instructions that are offered to us.

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Once we have downloaded, installed, and associated VLC Media Player with all audio and video formats, already We will be able to start learning all the functions of VLC Media Player to get the most out of it.

Functions of VLC Media Player

From this point on, we will find a complete guide about the basic procedures to understand this wonderful player and begin to break down all the functions s of VLC to be able to understand them clearly and easily, and in this way to be able to reproduce without problems all types of Blu-Ray, DVD VCDs and SVCD, music on CD, MP3, WAV and other formats, movies and camera videos in MP4, streams or Internet streams.

In addition, it is capable of capture video from web cameras and from various brands and models of photo cameras , like the GoPro and others, among many other functions. It should be noted that VLC is capable of ignoring the region encoding of some DVDs so we will have no problem playing imported DVDs.

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Of course we will need the codecs for this, but fortunately VLC comes equipped with everything you need to play any audio or video format, therefore we will not have to worry about installing external codecs. In this sense, it will be quite difficult for us to find a player that is capable of to reproduce so many video and audio formats since thanks to the codecs included in VLC Media Player we will be able to reproduce songs and videos in the Following file types:

CinepakTheoraDirac / VC-2MJPEG (A / B)

VLC Media Player video formats
MPEG-1 DivX® (1/2/3/4/5/6) MPEG-4 ASP XviD
3ivX D4 H.261 H.263 / H.263i H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC
WMV 1/2 WMV 3 / WMV-9 / VC-1 Sorenson 1/3 DV
On2 VP3 / VP5 / VP6 Indeo Video v3 (IV32) Real Video (1/2/3/4) MPEG-2

AC3 – A / 52E-AC-3MLP / TrueHD> 3DTS

Audio formats for VLC Media Player
MPEG Layer 1/2 MP3 – MPEG Layer 3 AAC – MPEG-4 part3 Vorbis
Speex Musepack / MPC
Mod TrueAudio APE Real Audio
Alaw µlaw AMR (3GPP) MIDI LPCM
ADPCM QCELP DV Audio DV Audio DV Audio DV Audio DV Audio ] QDM2 / QDMC

Subtitles] from VLC Media Player

DVDText files (MicroDVDSubRIP

] SubViewerSSA1-5SAMIVPlayer)Closed captionsVobsub] Universal Subtitle Format (USF)SVCD / CVDDVBGMOCMMLKate .

In addition to the impressive amount of formats that VLC Media Player is capable of playing, it also offers a version for each operating system, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Apple TV and Android, which gives us the possibility of using VLC on a Smart TV.

The possibility of being able to use VLC Media Player in all the devices that we have offers us unrivaled flexibility, since once we learned all the functions of the player to be able to To get the most out of it, we will not have to learn new functions from other players in the different devices.

It is also capable of many other functionalities and powerful tools that will be very useful for both the expert and the newcomer. , such as the possibility of converting, only using VLC, any type of video or audio to another format.

It is also capable of reproduc Go a long list of audio and video formats, including FLAC, OGG, and other lesser-known ones, can also play back ISO disc images.

Another of the great features of VLC is that also plays movies and music through the Internet or through a local network, which can be achieved in section “Medium” by clicking on “Open dump network. ”

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Capture content from webcams, cameras photos and TV tuners with VLC

Among the best options of VLC is also the ability to play content from webcams, video capturers and TV tuners, which is you can do it by clicking on the section “Menu”, and then go on “Open capture device”, which will show us a window from which we can select the device we want to capture.

We can also make screenshots of what we are seeing, what all we have to do is simply select the option “Video> Capture screen.”

Playing Podcasts and Internet Radios with VLC

In addition to traditional video and audio playback, VLC offers us the possibility to listen to podcasts and radios from the Internet, with which we will have at our disposal hundreds of thousands of alternatives to enjoy.

To be able to enjoy this feature, we have to click on the option “Playlist” located in the left panel of VLC and then click on the section “In ternet ”, which will display an impressive number of services that we can easily access by simply double-clicking on them.

 todo-sobre-vlc- (17)

In case we want to add a podcast that is not in the list, all we have to do is click on the icon “+” located at side of “Podcast” and enter the appropriate URL.

Save a YouTube video or web on PC with VLC

Sometimes , we come across really interesting or funny videos on sites like YouTube. So we asked ourselves: How can I save video on the PC so that I can watch it as many times as I want? Without a doubt, this is a very interesting option, especially when the material we want to download is useful for studying or working, since in addition to allowing us to save on connection time, it will always be faster to have it stored directly in the computer to have to access the Internet every time we want to see it.

We can do this very simply using our VLC Media Player. To do this:

Step 1

We select the address of the published video (in any video broadcasting site), we copy it by combining keys “Ctrl + C” and then we execute VLC, if it is not already running.

 all-on-vlc- (18)

Step 2

In the tab “Medium” we select the option “Open Network Dump”. In the window that appears, click on the tab “Network”.

 all-on-vlc- (19)

Step 3

We paste the link that we just copied there and then click on the button “Play”.

 all-over-vlc - (20)

At this point, VLC will start showing us the video.

 all-on-vlc- (21)

To store video from YouTube or any other Internet video platform on the computer, we can do the following:

Step 4

Click on the tab “Playlist”, in the menu “View”. There, we select the video link and with the right mouse button we select the option “Save” in the drop-down menu.

 all-over-vlc- (22)

Step 5

At this point, a dialog box will be displayed in which we can select the options to save the YouTube video with VLC in the most appropriate way for our needs. The first section “Convert”, allows us to modify the video format to adapt it to a particular device. At this point, it is the best option for most users.

 all-over-vlc- (23)

The second option, “ RAW dump input “ allows us to do an exact dump of the file, with which we make sure that we are storing it to the maximum of its quality.

Step 6

To save a video on the PC with VLC, we move to the section “File destination” and select a location for the video we want to download. After that, click on the button “Start”.

 all-on-vlc- (24)

Step 7

To finish, we will have to wait a few minutes, depending on the length of the video that we want to save on the computer. After that, the only thing that remains for us is to verify that the video that we have just downloaded with VLC has been stored correctly, what we can do through the same VLC.

 all-on-vlc- (25)

Organize music and video with VLC

As time goes by, the most It is likely that we have stored thousands of songs and videos purchased or downloaded from the Internet on our computer. And it is most likely that we have not been able to order it in the proper way, which makes accessing a music album or a certain video a nightmare of open folders.

Fortunately, if we choose to install VLC Media Player, ordering a music or video collection is a really simple task, and that in addition to being fully automatic, it will take us little time to finish it, after which we can access our content in the simplest way possible.

 all-about-vlc- (26)

To order a music or video collection with VLC Media Player, we must follow the simple instructions detailed below:

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is click on “See” in the menu VLC, and in the drop-down menu ta, select the option “Playlist”, after which VLC will automatically retrieve all the videos, music and photos stored on our computer.

Step 2

From that moment, we will no longer have to open our videos or songs one by one, since we can access them directly from the VLC interface, by clicking on the section “My team”, located in the left panel of the app, and then on “My videos” or any of the other available categories.

 all-about-vlc- (27)

It should be noted that if the titles of the songs or videos are ordered in any way, we can always order them to appear to our liking. We can do this simply and quickly with the following procedure:

Step 1

Right-click on a title, and in the drop-down menu that appears, click on the option “Order by”.

 all-on-vlc- (28)

Step 2

After that, we select any of the available category options indicated there, the one that we think will best suit our criteria such as “Artist (in ascending order)”. To change the display of the files, we can click with the mouse on the icon that appears next to the search filter.

Watch HD movies with VLC

As we have explained previously, VLC Media Player is also capable of playing different audio and video formats, including Blu-ray or HD videos. If we have a powerful enough graphics card, the software will be able to read a video recorded from a digital camera in high definition without problems of resolution or skipping, as well as any other type of video that has been encoded in a high definition format such as Internet videos and so on.

 all-over-vlc- (29)

The only thing we have to do to enjoy a movie or video in high definition in VLC is just click on the file and start enjoying, without having to do anything else.

Copy a DVD or Blu-Ray with VLC

In case we have a video on a Blu-Ray disc or a DVD disc that we want to copy to the computer, we will not need any external application, since VLC provides all the tools to do the task, and also in a simple and fast way.

In order to burn a DVD or Blu-Ray on the computer with VLC all we have to do is follow the instructions detailed below.

Step 1

The first thing we have to do before starting is insert the DVD or Blu-Ray disc that we want to copy to the PC in the optical reader.

 all-over-vlc- (30)

Step 2

After that, we we move to the menu “View” and in the drop-down menu that appears when we press the option we select “Advanced controls”. At this point VLC will show us a red button, located below the playback menu, which we will use to start recording the disc.

 all-over-vlc- (31)

Step 3

Once we have carried out the previous steps, click on the section “Disc”, located in the left panel of the app. After that, double click on the item in the right panel, after which the movie or video will start playing.

 all-over-vlc- (32)

Step 4

Once the disc starts to play, click on the red button. When the video finishes playing, we can find it in “My Videos.”

Convert audio and video with VLC

If we have a device that we are able to reproduce a certain type of audio or video format, such as MEPG2, FLAC or AAC, we should not worry, since VLC gives us the possibility of converting all kinds of files without having to resort to third-party tools , with the consequent workload and time that this implies.

In order to transform a video or audio into another format in VLC, all we have to do is scroll to the section “Medium” and there click on the option “Convert”, which will open a window in which we will be able to select the audio and video codec, the container, subtitles and other options for the file vo that we want to convert.

 all-over-vlc- (33)

To start, the first thing we have to do is click on the button “ Add ” and select the video that we want to convert. In the event that the video has subtitles, we press the box “Use a subtitle file” and we choose the one that corresponds.

After that, we press the button “Convert”, which will take us to a new window where we can decide the parameters of the resulting video, which we can select from the drop-down menu “Profile”.

 all-on-vlc- (34)

Then all you have to do is press the “Convert” button and wait for VLC ends the conversion.

It should be noted that the conversion or storage of media can also be done using streams, webcams and optical discs, this last option very useful when we want to do a backup.

The pr Conversion, storage or copy of media is similar to the video conversion procedure, the only thing that changes is that instead of opening the option “Media> Convert” and then the tab “File “, we will open the tab ” Disk “,” Network “or” Capture device “.

 all-on-vlc- (35)

One consideration that we must take into account before copy a DVD or Blu-Ray to the local disk is that if we do not need to convert them, we can enable the function “ Raw dump input “, which will allow us to make a direct copy without material conversion.

As a side note we can mention a rather interesting VLC feature, it is the power capacity to capture the video that we are watching and n any time by clicking the “Record” button, which is located in the lower left corner of VLC. In the event that this button is not there, we can try to locate it by clicking on the menu “View> Advanced controls”.

Customize VLC using skins

One of the few negative points of VLC is its appearance, quite unattractive, but this undoubtedly depends on the user who uses it, however for those who consider VLC to be ugly, have a gran cantidad de skins con los cuales personalizar y modificar el aspecto del reproductor.

todo-sobre-vlc- (36)

Para ello, lo único que tenemos que hacer es descargar una piel que nos guste del sitio web de VLC, desplazarnos hasta el menú “Herramientas>Preferencias>Preferencias de Interfaz” y pulsar sobre la opción “Usar piel personalizada”.


Como pudimos ver, VLC puede hacer mucho por nosotros, y aunque apenas hemos podido ver tan sólo una muestra de todo lo que puede hacer este increíble reproductorya seguramente nos habremos dado cuenta de que es un reproductor de audio y video muy versátil y poderoso.

Sin embargo, para conocerlo más en profundidad deberemos descargarlo e instalarlo, pero el mínimo esfuerzo que requieren ambas tareas bien vale todas las funcionalidades que nos brinda VLC. Además, aunque increíble, es totalmente gratuito.

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