Two Ingredients Chocolate Cake Recipe

This Two Ingredients Chocolate Cake is a vice in its purest form. Imagine creating a sponge cake with a texture similar to chocolate bownie with an impressive flavor. Any chocolate lover will enjoy and be surprised to discover that they only need 2 ingredients to succeed. The egg will be the other complement to this cake that will give it the texture and flavor it will need. In a cup or a duly greased mold we will remember this day, eggs and chocolate will give rise to the simplest and most delicious dessert in the world, in the blink of an eye.


  • 4 eggs
  • 250 gr of chocolate
  • Sugar glass or fruit to decorate

How to prepare a chocolate cake with two ingredients

  1. This chocolate cake has only 2 ingredients that ensure a perfect result. A winning combination that will become recurring, just try it for the first time.
  2. We will start with the chocolate we can use the type that we like the most. The tablet that we keep for emergencies or a delicatessen that we have kept for a special occasion.
  3. We melt the chocolate in the microwave or on the fire in a bain-marie. It must be perfect to be able to mix it perfectly with the other ingredient.
  4. We continue with the eggs we separate the white from the yolks. We put the egg whites in a bowl and beat them until stiff.
  5. We will use electric rods so that we have the perfect whites, this step is important to give spongeiness to the cake.
  6. In another bowl we will beat the yolks until they remain as a smooth cream. At that time we incorporate them into the chocolate without stirring.
  7. We have two masses that we will merge into one . Very carefully we put the chocolate and the yolks with the whites.
  8. It is important to make enveloping movements so that we have a much lighter and more delicious result. In this way we will have a spectacular sponge cake dough.
  9. We put the dough in a greased source with butter so that it does not stick. We can make individual versions in cups or small molds.
  10. We bake this delicacy at 180º for about 25 minutes . After this time we check if it is ready and remove it from the oven.
  11. We wait for it to cool down to remove it from the mold . We can decorate it with some dried fruit with honey, fresh cut fruit or a little icing sugar.
  12. With this chocolate cake there are no excuses, two ingredients and a half hour will result in a restaurant dessert that will seduce the most chocolatiers.

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