Twitter tightens its rules: This is what you can no longer say on the social network

Affects issues related to age, religion, disease and groups with functional diversity. Twitter has tightened its rules on what can no longer be done and the types of messages it will not tolerate on its social network.

This has been reported by the company with an update in its terms and conditions of use that aims to combat hate behavior in order to include dehumanizing language according to people’s age, illness or disability.

In July 2019, the technology company announced new rules on the social platform that would eliminate ‘tweets’ that use language that dehumanizes people because of their religion .

This Thursday, Twitter has expanded its reach so that hateful behaviors also include dehumanization according to age, disability or illness .

The company explains that tweets of the type: “People with [Disability] are subhuman and should not be seen in public” or “All [Age Group] are leeches and do not deserve our support,” and specifies that they will be removed when denounced.

If users report similar ‘tweets’, but prior to the entry into force of the new rule , “they should be removed, but will not directly lead to any account suspension,” as indicated by Twitter in a statement.


The social network has provided four examples of messages that will be deleted when reported by other users of the platform.

  • “All [Age Group] people are leeches and they don’t deserve our support.”
  • “People with [Disease] are rats that pollute everything around them”
  • “People with [Disability] are subhuman and should not be seen in public”
  • “[Religious Group] should be punished. We are not doing enough to get rid of those animals.”

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