Travelers must access buses through the back door if the driver does not have a screen

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has established that in public and private bus transport Unless the driver is protected by a screen, travelers must access the vehicle through the rear door .

This is stated in a ministerial order published this Thursday in the Bulletin State Official (BOE) in which Transport sets new measures in the framework of the state of alarm. The requirement to access the bus through the back door may be excepted in public transport in the event that the ticket is to be purchased inside .

In addition , the order establishes that in the means of transport that allow it, the doors will be activated by the driver or machinist, thus avoiding that they have to be operated by the traveler.

On the other hand, bus companies must adopt the necessary measures to ensure the maximum possible separation between passengers, in such a way that no more than a third of the seats available for the maximum occupancy of the vehicle. In any case, it requires that the row after the seat occupied by the driver is always kept empty.

On the other hand, when traveling in taxi and VTC , the order establishes that they must be done individually unless accompanying people with disabilities, minors, the elderly or for other justified cause.

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