How to Fix Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong

Nowadays, Tinder is one of the best online mobile apps for mass people who want to share similar feelings and interests by using swipe and match. But the problem is, sometimes Tinder user faces some unwanted technical issue. When you try to login through Facebook or mobile number, then an irritating pop up to come on your mobile screen, “Tinder something went wrong.” So I find out the best solution for you to fix this problem.

You may face flagged or reported in Tinder some cases that are given below

  • Unwanted SMS to matches
  • Unwanted Photos
  • Spam issue
  • Some kind of peculiar attitude with matches.

What I discuss above that are not actually true for all Tinder users. When you log in with a new account and facing a problem with “Tinder Oops something went wrong” pops up, then you have to go another way to sort out the problem. Here I am giving you some super tricks that you can quickly login to your Tinder account.

Some super tricks to sort out Tinder Oops something went wrong problem.

01. Network issue

you have to check your network connection to make sure that the internet connection of your mobile phone is strong enough to get full access to your location and Facebook login permission.

02. Try to avoid VPN on Tinder

Please don’t use a VPN on Tinder because Tinder always saves your current location. If you use a VPN to change your location, then it may occur problems to login. Some Tinder users try to get advantages of the premium version of it by switching the location. So be careful.

 03. By cleaning Tinder App data

if you are an android user, then you can quickly get the solution by following the step that I discussing below.

  • Go to mobile setting
  • Select General
  • Then go to Application manager of your device
  • Select Tinder and clear the data.
  • When you have done, just log in again to Tinder.

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04.Clear browsing cookie for PC users

If you use Tinder on laptop or PC by a web browser. You can quickly get the solution by clearing cookies and caches. There is some very simple step-

  • Go to the menu bar
  • Click on history
  • After that, select “Cached image and files” and “Cookies and other site data.”
  • Clear it.

 I Hope This technique will work, and you will log in to your tinder app.

05. By deleting the Tinder app from Facebook

If you still found the problem to get a login to the Tinder app, then the final solution is to delete the Tinder app from Facebook. You may feel worried about your old match but don’t worry. This technique will not make a problem with a new match. Follow the step which is given below.

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to Account setting
  • Find out Tinder, scroll down, and Remove the App.

This is a sure shot, and I am very much sure that this technique will work.

06.Update Tinder App

if you are using an old version of the Tinder app, then it may occur “Oops something went wrong” pops up the problem. So update your Tinder app.

The Final word

I tried out to give you the best solution for this pops up the issue. But if it does not work, then contact with the tinder support team. They are very cordial and will give you quick feedback. You can also communicate with us about any problem. Our comments box is given below. Just feel free to leave a message

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