TheGrefg, in The Resistance "My life has not changed with quarantine, I continue to make videos without leaving home"

This Wednesday, in a new edition from The resistance low, David Broncano decided to make a live connection to interview Youtuber TheGrefg (David Cánovas Martínez) and know how he is carrying out the household quarantine due to the health alert of coronavirus .

As we are here alone, we are trying to Connections are very dynamic and you, as a successful YouTuber, have experience “, the presenter commented to the Murcian.

He replied that” I am locked up at home, but I am worried because I have my table full of handkerchiefs for allergies, or I hope that’s it … is i Possibly he got it, “commented TheGrefg.

Broncano recalled that the YouTuber lives in Andorra:” Has the virus entered there? “asked the presenter. TheGrefg replied that “yes, there are not as many confirmed as in Spain. I think we are in our 30s, but here things are the same, people in their homes and everything is closed.”

“What are you doing you? You are very skunk … “, said Broncano. And TheGrefg replied that “my life has not changed, I continue to make videos and live shows and I am at home fucking all day” .

After that statement, the Murcian stated: “I would like to make an appeal because it is time for a YouTuber to catch the coronavirus and make blogs and all that. I have ideas and that in case I get it “

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