The Pros And Cons Of Spinning

It is a fact that this training helps you lose weight, but are the consequences stronger than the benefits? Find out now!

The spinning is gaining fame again as it is the perfect training to strengthen the abdomen, the legs and buttocks in a short time, Without being so complicated!
But as in everything, there are advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account before running to enroll in a class and in this article we reveal them to you.


1. You feel Motivated All The Time

It is our favorite part since the monitor who directs the session is always responsible for creating an environment full of energy and encouragement, with the intention of making a much more dynamic routine.

2. You Regulate The Intensity

In the spinning, the instructor suggests certain types of training but, in you, it is to decide how much punch you are going to give him!
If you do not have any conditions, you can start with low intensities and increase gradually after a few weeks.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

Although it is an exercise of low impact, the movements allow you to boost cardiovascular activity and maintain levels of cholesterol and triglycerides at a point healthy, you already did you know?
In addition, it is ideal for losing weight because you burn up to 450 calories per session.


1. You Do Not Work The Whole Body

You must be clear that this practice is ideal for toning the lower train (and the belly) just that!
Should you worry develop the area from above, you will have to look for other activities (such as weight), or opt for a comprehensive, routine like swimming.

2. A Bad Position Causes Injuries

It is important that the monitor tells you the correct way to do each movement so that you do not suffer any damage to the back or knees, it is dangerous if you do it by yourself!
Also, he should have a control that the power changes do not affect your heart rate.

3. In The Beginning, It Is Difficult

The spinning is an exercise quite tough even though you have a part of the command, why? It is difficult to stop during class and you remain seated all the time. If you want to avoid post-workout pain, perform stretches when you finish and maintain a good posture for the rest of the day.

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