The NBA is studying ways to return to playing without an audience to encourage fans

Commissioner of the NBA he said in an interview with the program SportsCenter, from the ESPN television network, that while the league is trying to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, a potential option to recover the sport would be some kind of competition to support the community, separate from the regular season official.

The goal would be, he said, to give fans something to watch, while at home, a huge help to when motivating people.

He added that he is not sure what the NBA schedule will look like if the competition resumes this season, and that he is not ready to think that the league will have to permanently cancel it.

Silver highlighted that there are three points that are being worked on for its resumption. “One is, when can we restart and operate as before, having 19,000 fans on the playing fields?”.

Another is whether “should we consider restarting the competition?” without fans, and what would that mean? Because, presumably, if we had a group of healthy players and staff, under permanent observation and subject to following some kind of protocol, it could be done.

But it will be “the doctors and the health officials who have to answer if it is safe to play under those conditions”, Silver analyzed.

The third point is “the impact in the national psyche of not having sports programming on television. And one of the things we’ve been talking about is, are there conditions where a group of players compete, maybe it’s for fundraising or just for the collective good of people, where you select to a small group of players, and is there a protocol where they can be tested and quarantined and somehow isolated, and can compete with each other? “

That model it was the one that the authorities of university basketball intended to establish in order to play the national “March Madness” tournament with the 64 best teams from all over the country, behind closed doors and without spectators, but offering the games on television.

But the positive of the French center Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, the first professional athlete in the United States to be detected that you were infected with the coronavirus caused the highest authorities of university sports (NCAA) to give up on the idea and completely cancel the celebration of the tournament.

Silver also commented that because the NBA employs about 55,000 people , including game day workers in all 29 NBA arenas throughout the league, have discussed “How can we restart the economy? What role can the NBA have? Play? “.

He said that” perhaps we can do this progressively, and the first step is not games with thousands of people in the fields “.

He went further by saying that “99 percent of people consume our sport through some electronic platform. The percentage of people who attend the matches is very small in relation to audiovisual and digital consumption. “

” I am optimistic and I want to believe that we are going to save at least some parts of this season, “Silver stressed.

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin has advocated that the league change its current rotation schedule from October to June to one from December to August to avoid the National Football League (NFL).

To what Silver said is a possibility that can enter the study “because we are always trying to do better, so that’s a possibility but we can find other possibilities. ”

But he said that the important thing for the moment is to do things safely, without putting anyone at risk, and while supporting the country to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

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