The mistakes that make your homemade bread not look good

homemade bread has become the main protagonist of this confinement . Many people have chosen to learn how to make this staple food from any kitchen. Getting red-handed is not easy, but it is necessary if we consider that going down to do the shopping every day can be a danger. The simple ingredients from which bread is made and its simplicity when kneading it make it one of the first recipes to be cooked at home, although it has some important secrets. Take note of the main mistakes that make your homemade bread not look good.

Errors that make your homemade bread not look good

  • Flour is the great protagonist of any bread . We should not confuse the flour in common use, perfect for batters, cookies or dough that do not need to rise too high, but not recommended if we want to make a delicious and fluffy bread. The flour of force is the one that the tambourines use in their elaborations and the result is noticeable.
  • Sourdough is the secret to success. Having a good sourdough recipe is essential, it allows us to get that fluffy and delicious bread that we need. Doing it correctly can become what makes a difference. A good dough is what will end up being the one that stands out in a correct homemade bread recipe.
  • Make a tandem between the sourdough and the yeast . It is true that sourdough supplants yeast, but it can also complement it. But not any yeast works, to make bread you need dry or fresh yeast, nothing of the conventional one that we use for biscuits. It does not have enough force to make the dough rise.
  • Patience is a gift. It is important to let the dough rest for the necessary time. With time to rest the dough for as many hours as necessary, you should not be in a hurry. Not letting what you need go up can be bread without the force that will give it that texture that makes us want more and more.
  • The oven must be preheated. After all the effort, putting the bread to cook in a cold oven can cause us to end up with flat bread. It is important to start the oven in advance, preheat it so that it receives the dough at the correct temperature, otherwise the yeast or sourdough will not have the necessary effect.

These errors cannot be repeated, it is important to create a quality homemade bread without anything spoiling it. Join the bakery at quality house, you will see that you have more and more elaborate breads.

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