The Main Mistakes When Cooking In The Microwave

Cooking in the microwave is an upward trend. It not only saves us time, it is a way to keep the kitchen clean. With a suitable source for this tool we can create delicious dishes in the blink of an eye. The microwave has been in kitchens around the world for decades, but still remains a great unknown. The same mistakes continue to be made that make the result as expected. If you are wishing that all the recipes you try to make in the microwave come out perfect, take note of what you should not do.

Errors when cooking in the microwave

  • Do not use a suitable font . This error can not be repeated, if we invest well in the right tools, the dishes will be wonderful. A microwaveable platter with a lid is a staple of any kitchen. You can’t reach culinary excellence with a plate and a bit of plastic wrap to cover it.
  • The paper film is not good . The theory of covering food with plastic wrap or plastic wrap is a serious mistake. There are types that are not suitable, it must be a microwaveable paper or we will be contaminating the food. It is important not to include anything plastic that is not prepared to do so, or it can be harmful by melting or involving the introduction of toxic substances.
  • Time is important . To cook in the microwave as with any other kitchen tool, you have to be patient. The time is not always the same, it will depend on the quantity as in the oven or in the pan. We can heat a glass of milk in a few seconds, but to make a cake we will need minutes. If we do not know well the time that we will need, the best thing is to go making batches to check how the food is cooking.
  • Thawing is basic . The tendency to put food directly out of the freezer can make it not quite right. Do not cook frozen food, first defrost and then heat, otherwise a meal will be hot on the outside and ice cold inside or with too much water. An all too common mistake that could be avoided with a little more time or attention.
  • Foods with more water cook better . The microwave will cook better food with water than dough. The liquid heats up and achieves a perfect end result. It is also not recommended to lay eggs with shell or chestnuts, it can be heated outside and explode in the microwave. It is important to know the type of food that we are going to cook to try to do it in the best possible way.

By avoiding these errors we will achieve professional finishes with a few basic steps and following the recipe that we want to create to the letter.

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