The launch of ‘The Last Dance’, a series that reflects Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls , thrilled the sports world and especially NBA fans, who have not been able to enjoy basketball in recent years. more than a month and they do not know when they will be able to see their idols again, because the situation in the United States is uncertain and, although it is assured that everything could return to normal soon, the truth is that it is not known if this season will end .

This unprecedented look at what the Bulls were, since the arrival of Jordan and that, through various episodes, shows what the considered best basketball player in history had to live, reflects the effort and work done by Jordan since his arrived at the franchise after leaving the University of North Carolina, where he was already beginning to mark an era and in which, undoubtedly, he left his mark.

After the launch and presentation of its first two chapters, ‘ The Last Dance’ attracted 6.1 million viewers on Sunday night in the United States , a record figure for an ESPN documentary and which they did not imagine reaching, according to their own report on Monday. chain, who knows that it will mark a milestone with this special project.

As if that were not enough, the conversation on social networks was dominated by comments regarding the series, as an infinity of athletes from different disciplines spoke about it, showing their admiration for Michael Jordan and making clear the impressive work done and exposed in this way. ” The best two hours of quarantine,” Philadelphia 76ers power forward Tobias Harris summed up on Twitter . “I could have seen all 10 chapters right now,” agreed Zach Lavine, the current Bulls figure.

The material published in the series shows material never before known and recorded throughout the entire 1997/98 season, which, according to Phil Jackson himself, was called ‘The Last Dance’, understanding that it would be the last of a group that achieved six out of eight possible championships.

In total there will be 10 episodes that will show a series of images that have not been known in 20 years and that will be broadcast weekly through Netflix and, although the idea was that this release coincided with the start of the NBA Finals in June, the truth is that due to the current situation the decision was made of an early launch.

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