The Juice You Should Drink According To Your Skin Type

Our secret to getting a complexion of envy in a simple drink. Cosmetic treatments are not everything to treat the complexion, there are much healthier (and accessible) options that fulminate skin problems effectively, such as juices.

Test your benefits by preparing the one you require, according to your skin type :

1. Dry skin

Blend an apple, a good piece of watermelon and a kiwi without peel, until you get a liquid consistency, and drink it.
These fruits have a high level of water and vitamin C, which stimulates the natural hydration of the skin and repairs the effects of dryness.

2. Mixed skin

Squeeze the juice of half an orange and the one of a grapefruit, then liquefy it along with a quarter of an avocado and you will obtain a delicious juice.
The grapefruit balances the fatty areas of the face, while the avocado moisturizes the tight areas.

3. Oily skin

In an extractor place half pineapple, a piece of ginger and a cucumber
The combination will have to be taken for a month so that the astringent and toning properties of the ingredients control the excess sebum completely.

4. Skin off

The beta-carotene found in fruits colored red, orange and yellow and are responsible for return – color and vitality to the skin.
Get your goodness by grinding half a tomato, the juice of two carrots and the pulp of a medium-sized pumpkin.

After drinking it for a few weeks, you will notice your face more radiant than ever. Perfect juices to start the day with energy

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