The important healthy property that we can obtain when cooking tomatoes

The tomatoes are a staple of the Mediterranean diet a source of vitamins and fiber are a healthy ingredient that should not be missing in any kitchen. Thanks to a simple cooking by the hand of a mythical recipe we can obtain a perfect result for the day to day. The best kept secret of this ingredient is that, in addition to being rich in vitamin C, its high content of antioxidant called lycopene is released when cooked. For this reason it is important that we cook them well in the form of sauce mainly. If you want to complete your pasta or rice dishes, take note of this healthy preparation.


  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Crushed tomato
  • Onion
  • Green pepper

How to cook tomatoes

  1. This recipe is possibly one of the simplest used in all houses but it never hurts to do it again. Good quality basic ingredients are needed that we are going to merge to further highlight the tomato flavor.  The important healthy property that we can obtain when cooking tomatoes
  2. Peel the onion and chop it as finely as possible. This ingredient combines perfectly with tomato, will further enhance its flavor and make it a star complement.
  3. In a frying pan with a splash of oil we poach the onion . We will season it a little to remove some of the liquid more quickly.
  4. We remove the seeds from the paprika . We chop it into small portions so that they mix with the onion.
  5. We will have the base of an incredible tomato sauce on the fire we will only be missing the rest of the true protagonists, the tomatoes.
  6. We peel the tomatoes and crush them . We can leave the seeds or remove them with a strainer. In the same way, the sauce will be perfect.
  7. We add the tomatoes . We will let them simmer with a tablespoon of sugar so that their acidity is not so noticeable.
  8. We rectify salt and wait for all the liquid to run out. Tomatoes should be framed in an impressive sauce.  The important healthy property that we can obtain when cooking tomatoes
  9. When it has completely reduced and thickened we will have a healthy basic ready that we can use in countless dishes.
  10. A Cuban style rice macaroni with tomato sauce and tuna, the bottom of a pizza topped with a little cheese, the possibilities are enormous .
  11. We can only implement this technique to enjoy any ingredient that thanks to tomatoes will be a little healthier . Don't hesitate to include this food in your kitchen, now more than ever.

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