The delirium of paying 1,000 euros for a bed to play the console

It is a product designed so that fans of this hobby can spend the day without having to get up. “I wake up and have to move from the bed to my table. Why does it have to be so complicated? The gaming beds are here to solve the problem.” The quotation mark may seem like a joke or a joke that circulates on the Internet. However, it is the text that the Bauhütte company promotes its new creation: A bed specially adapted to play video games.

Despite the fact that video games enjoy less media attention than other entertainment industries, it is one of the most lucrative and with the most money in the world . For example, in Spain this entertainment far exceeds the national cinema .

However, the stratospheric figures of the video game sector has opened the ban on insanity and the gaming label has become a tagline that serves to increase the price of any product related to the world of computing or video games ( even if it is very far away) as if by magic.

Before bed, this gold rush had caused the launch of other strange products such as sports shoes from the Puma brand to play video games for the modest price of 70 euros or the rebirth of rocking chairs, only with more garish colors than the one in the grandmothers room.


In addition to the apology for laziness that the manufacturer uses as a claim (remember that it is a general product and not a piece of furniture specifically designed for people with motor problems), the combination of accessories that surround this bed is striking .

In the different promotional photos of the company you can see a guy (muffled and with a hood) enjoying the different options that the bed offers : playing lying down, playing sitting and looking at the mobile phone lying down with a panty covering your nose and mouth (without having to go to the trouble of holding it with your own hands) while grabbing one of the snack bags.

Hideaways for doritos and chips, Coca-Cola bottles, more Monster cans than in a supermarket, and even a small bottle of Nivea moisturizer for the whole body (wink, wink) at the head of the bed dot her collection of promotional photos , which seem to be taken out of the mind of a funny user of Forocoches.

This strange product for the home is manufactured by the company Bauhütte and can be purchased, with all its accessories, for just over 1,000 euros through its website .

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