The councils of the Civil Guard against the Coronavirus

Spain is in an exceptional situation without parallel due to the Coronavirus pandemic . An anomalous moment in our recent history that has caused a great demand for information by citizens.

The state of alarm and the more than 8,000 contagions of which there is evidence causes a great demand for information from the public.

A circumstance that some people – either lovers of conspiracy theories or people who are looking to have fun causing chaos – take advantage of throwing riot and hoaxes .

Given this situation, the Civil Guard has issued a statement through the profile of the Telematic Crime Group in which it offers guidelines on how citizens should inform themselves about this pandemic that had its epicenter in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

“Disinformation is also an enemy to beat in the fight against # COVID19”, picks up the message in the Benemérita profile that precedes the following advice.


-Attention with public images that do not link to an official source. They can be a montage.

-Verify when and where part of the message content was published using “search engines”

-Very important wording, misspellings or syntax are common indicators of false communication

-Be wary of profiles that you don’t usually follow or of recent creation.

-Ask suspicious sources and the mcs about suspicious information

-Help to #StopBulos and avoid situations of social alarm

-If the alarmist information reaches you through WhatsApp, do not share it if you are not sure of its veracity

-If the news is several hours ago and you do not see it in a professional media, it must have been a hoax

-The cousin, the friend who has been told by a relative who knows good ink … is not a solvent source

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