The coronavirus postpones the great revolution of Formula 1

The FIA ​​announces that the rule changes that were to occur in the 2021 season are postponed until 2022.

Computer image of an F1 prototype after the regulatory revolution. F1

The FIA announced today that the implementation of the technical standards that were to come into force in the 2021 season, and that a priori could end the dominance of the Mercedes team , are postponed to 2022 due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus , in a decision that has been made in accordance with Formula 1 and all teams.

In a meeting where all the situations and changes this season caused by the Covid-19 have also been discussed , the participants have agreed to use the 2020 chassis for the next season.

The introduction and implementation of financial rules will come into force, yes, in 2021, as planned, and the parties will meet again to discuss how to save costs in this time of crisis.

In addition, all the teams, as announced by the FIA, have given their support in the efforts to restructure the calendar for this season , which has already been affected in its first races and is currently canceled until June.

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