The best tricks for making bread at home during quarantine

Making bread at home during quarantine can be a pleasure. Encouraging yourself to make this basic of any home will also become a security measure. It will not be necessary to go outside as often, exposing ourselves less to the possible spread of the coronavirus. To achieve a bakery result, the best expert bakers share their secrets so that everyone can create delicious homemade bread . Take note of these tricks so that the bread turns out to be perfect.

Tricks to make bread at home during quarantine

The recipe for homemade bread is very simple, you only need water, flour and yeast. A base that we can have at home almost always and that will get us out of more than one trouble. Daring to do it is another story.

  • Prepare the calculator. The moment of making bread raises a first question, the quantities. Not knowing them or wanting to modify them adapting them to the people we are at home, can lead to an error. The best option is to take out the calculator for each measurement of flour, you need 50-60% water, 2% yeast and 1.8-2% salt. Depending on the measure of flour you use, the rest will change.
  • Don’t get confused with yeast. In general, a fresh yeast is used to prepare bread, but this ingredient has a drawback, it expires. The seca is a safe bet that has a longer expiration date. The amounts change if one or the other. A third of the weight indicated by fresh yeast will be needed if we opt for a dry yeast. Do the math.
  • The type of flour influences. Wheat flour is used to cook bread. This ingredient will be well protected, there are factors such as humidity in the kitchen or if it is open that can produce changes in the result. Use a good product and if you want to adapt it to your tastes. Rye, spelled or oats are other options. Before you start to knead, you should know that strength flour has 12% protein while normal flour 10%, that means that the crumb will never be so fluffy.
  • Rectify with water. If the dough has not looked good on you, do not add more flour, you will get a rectification that will result in a hard and dry bread. Use more water and from here make the rectification. There is a trick they use to make a fluffy crumb, put milk in the dough to hydrate it. It looks really good and achieves a professional result, you can add a little by following the quantities.
  • The dough is prepared by mixing the ingredients separately. Mix the solid ingredients first and then the liquids. Go making folds and when the dough does not stick in your hands it will be time to let it rest in order to give the proper shape to this homemade bread full of good sensations. Remember to make the cuts, they are necessary after fermentation, make them just before baking the bread so that the carbonic gases produced during cooking can escape.
  • Place a tray with water in the oven. If you want the bread to bake to perfection, place a tray of water in the bottom of the oven. You will get a more uniform cooking with everything you need to create a truly spectacular bread. It is one of the tricks that will lead to a bakery bread.

Following these tips and using a good bread recipe will make all the difference when creating bread that will always look good. Dare to enjoy this wonder in its purest form.

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