The best 3 applications with recipes for cakes and desserts

The universe of sweets is almost infinite there are as many recipes as there are people. New technologies have decided to put themselves at the service of amateur chefs to unify criteria and create essential applications. With a single click we can find that recipe for grandma’s yogurt cake or look for a cheese cake similar to the one we ate at the restaurant. These 3 applications will be in charge of giving us all the necessary information to become master pastry chefs. If you want to discover all the magic of homemade cakes and desserts, start downloading them.

Applications with biscuit and dessert recipes

  • The application ‘Nestle Kitchen. Recipes and Menus ’is first on the list. Everything that contains the word ‘Nestle’ is good, starting with the wide range of chocolates, condensed milk and other wonders that this brand markets. Imagine an application in which great recipes are collected that test each of these delicacies of this house, it is possible. They have created it with the intention of helping everyone, experts and amateurs to achieve bakery results at home. A total of 3,000 recipes between desserts and savory that will not leave anyone hungry.
  • Quick and easy desserts’ is ideal for discovering pastries in first person. Making sweets is sometimes scary. There is a common fear of thinking that they will not turn out well or that they are very expensive. With this application you can create restaurant desserts without knowing how the oven works. Following some simple recipes that are not complicated and are based on some basic ingredients. Perfect for little ones in the house or those who want to set foot in the kitchen for the first time.
  • Desserts‘ is an application that directly immerses us in the universe of sweets. Anyone who loves sweet should have it on the phone. In it you can find all kinds of desserts from the most common to a wide range of flavors from around the world. One more option to meet challenges and experience them, we can see the dessert, the recipe and the final result. It is simple to use and can give us a joy from time to time, ideal for taking a liking to cooking without realizing it.

All these applications are available for Android and are free. It’s a matter of getting your hands on the dough to find that perfect dessert for any occasion, experimenting and creating authentic works of art at home.

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