The Benefits Of Carrot In Hair

Its high content of vitamins and minerals improves the beauty of your hair more than you imagine. Find out everything he does for you!

The Benefits Of Carrot In Hair

The properties of the carrot work wonder on the skin but also, they are great allies to have a healthy and impactful mane!
Here below we tell you about its benefits and we reveal the best ways to apply it in masks or treatments although, you can also eat a piece every day and the results are 10!

1. Avoid breaking and falling

This orange root improves the appearance of damaged hair and strengthens the follicles, to prevent breakage, thinning or peephole.

This is thanks to minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, which are present in it.

2. Rejuvenate

The carrot is a great protector from external aggressions such as solar radiation, the pollution and climate change.
Apply a mask of 2 carrots with 3 strawberries ground in your hair, twice a week, and you’ll see how it looks with more life and youth.

3. It makes it grow

Due to its great contribution in vitamins C and E, the carrot promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which consequently accelerates growth.
Just massage the roots (with carrot oil), and leave for 20 minutes. Do it once a week to get that XXL mane!

4. It gives it shine and silkiness

Drinking carrot juice every day gives your hair the nutrients it needs to have a radiant, very soft appearance without frizz!
And, as an additional fact, it prevents the appearance of gray hair!

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