Sweet almond soup recipe

The sweet almond soup is a dish that is usually cooked in some areas of Spain during the holidays. It is made with simple ingredients that will make us travel directly to another era. Those days when everything in the kitchen was used to create spoon desserts that were exciting. Half a bar of bread from the previous day, a little milk flavored with lemon peel and cinnamon stick are the standard bearers of a sweet that has a clear protagonist. The almonds will give sweetness and a proper name to one of the best homemade desserts in the country.


  • 2 l of milk
  • ½ loaf of bread
  • 8 tablespoons of sugar
  • Lemon peel
  • Cinnamon stick
  • 300 gr of ground almonds

How to prepare a sweet almond soup

  1. This traditional dessert is as simple as it is delicious . The greatness of this spoon delight is in cooking the food little by little, giving them as much affection as possible.
  2. We will use half a loaf of bread of the interior day, integral, of ciabatta, as we like or have. We can also use sliced ​​bread or toast, in emergencies.  Sweet almond soup recipe
  3. We cut the slices of bread as thin as possible . We are going to put them in the oven for a few minutes so that they take on a little color. That roasted aroma will make the ingredients stand out much more.
  4. While we put the milk on the fire . We will flavor it with the lemon peel and a little cinnamon. This will be the base that will give it the proper sweetness.
  5. We add the sugar to the milk . We can make it lighter with brown sugar or a sweetener. In essence, it must have the sweetness point that we like, taking into account that the almonds will give us their outstanding flavor.
  6. We separate a little of this milk before it starts to boil. It will serve to mix the almond flour. When we have it integrated we put it to the milk that we have in the fire, in this way we will not have any lump.
  7. We remove the lemon peel and the cinnamon stick . We are going to give it the right texture with the bread. We are adding it to the hot milk.
  8. We can choose to make a more rustic presentation, leaving the pieces of bread or making a fine cream . In this second option, we crush the mixture and put it in small glasses.
  9. Serve cold from the fridge with a little cinnamon, chocolate or fruit on top. We will have a spectacular sweet almond soup ready.

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