Simple home remedies for dry lips

Simple home remedies for dry lips

Dryness and discoloration of the skin on the lips can be a little irritating. Furthermore, when we hold on to our dear mothers, they beg us to stop licking our lips at each other. The most ideal approach to prevent this problem is to moisturize and nourish the lips that we have emptied.

Before we get into the great home remedies you can use for dried lips, this is something you need to know. Water is a major part of every gloss. It keeps the body and skin very moist. No matter what amount of medicine or lipstick you use, if you don’t drink enough water, your dry lips will come back. As a priority, drink plenty of water throughout the day and use the remedies in this article for faster results.

What is the reason for cutting your lips?

The main considerations that cause the lips to dry are:

No need to lick your lips


Smoke and drink

Deterioration of skin in toothpaste


Some medicines, such as retinoids and chemotherapy drugs

One of the most well-known schemes for repairing dry lips is to use a cream or to remove the lips. This can make the moment easier, but it usually doesn’t take long to work. The remedy below will help you deal with these problems properly and will give you reliable results.

How to get rid of cut lips ??

Here are home remedies for dry and dried lips.

Home remedy for cut lips

1. Coconut bark oil.

Coconut oil virgin OR olive oil OR castor oil OR almond oil or jojoba

1-2 drops of tea tree oil OR vine or neem oil

What should you do?

Depending on the available oil and base oil, make the mixture by mixing 1-2 drops of base oil in the transport oil.

Apply this mixture to your lips and leave it on.

How often should you do this

Apply this oil mixture two or three times during the day. It can also be applied before high impact and left to stand in the medium term.

Why does it work?

Transport oils such as olive, coconut and castor oil are most commonly creams and fats. They contain solid unsaturated fats that give the lips the necessary oils and make them delicate and supple (1, 2, 3). If you include essential oils, such as tea tree oil or grape seed oil, this will speed up the process of dry lips. They also provide contamination, especially if dryness causes cracks in the lips.

2. Nectar and Vaseline

You need

Syrian nectar


What should you do?

Nanesite nektar na usne.

Apply a layer of Vaseline over it.

Allow them to stand for 10-15 minutes.

Use a damp cloth or adhesive cloth to clean it.

How often should you do this

Repeat this once in a row for seven days for smooth results.

Why does it work?

Nectar has amazing antibacterial properties and is one of the best experts in the field of wellness. This is an additional moisturizer (6). Oil marmalade or oil jam is commonly used to strengthen and keep the skin dry and dry. It is sealed against moisture in the skin (7). By repairing these two repairs, we get a sustainable home remedy for dry lips.

3. Flower petals

You need

5-6 petals

1/4 cup raw milk

What should you do?

Absorb petals with milk for 2-3 hours.

Gently rub the petals into the milk to give a glue like texture.

Apply this glue to your lips. Keep for about 20 minutes.

Wash it with cold water.

How often should you do this

Do this consistently throughout the week or so.

Why does it work?

Flower petals have skin nourishing properties because they contain nutrient E (8). They also help to maintain regular lip coloration. Milk contains milky corrosive substances that gently release dead skin from the outside of the lips. Essential fats, nutrients and minerals found in milk help to moisturize and maintain dry lips.

4. Cucumber for cut lips

You need

Cut cucumber

What should you do?

Rub a minute or two of properly sliced ​​cucumbers with your lips.

Let the cucumber insist for 10 minutes, then wash your lips.

You can also crush 1-2 slices of cucumber and use it as a veil on your lips.

How often should you do this

Apply cucumber to your lips repeatedly.

Why does it work?

This cold vegetable may be your closest companion in summer, so use it to treat dry and dry lips. Cucumber is a radiant skin moisturizer (10). All the flakiness and dryness in a few days disappear with this remedy.

5. Aloe vera for cut lips.

You need

Aloe list

What should you do?

Cover the aloe leaf sideways and drain the gel in a holder (with impermeable tip).

Apply gel to lips and leave in the middle.

Store the remaining gel in a room protected from water and air. Store it in an ice chest if you live in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

How often should you do this

Apply aloe vera gel to lips before turning hay.

Why does it work?

Aloe contains general fixations that remove dehydrated skin and gently squeeze out a dead layer of skin cells. Strengthens a thin protective layer of skin on the lips and has a cooling effect.

6. Green tea bags for cut lips

You need

1 bag of green tea

Gently heated water

What should you do?

Keep a bag of green tea in warm water for a few moments.

Find this bag of tea on your lips.

Leave for a few minutes.

How often should you do this

Repeat this once a day.

Why does it work?

Green tea contains cancer prevention and tannins that help restore dry and dry skin on the lips. This soothes a sense of consumption that you can understand through dryness (12).

7. Cocoa butter for cut lips

You need

Natural cocoa spread OR margarine shea or Nuts or Yogurt OR melted (Margarine explained) OR Butterfly

What should you do?

Apply a limited amount of cocoa butter to your lips and leave in the middle.

On the other hand, you can also use shea butter or ghee oil (explained by margarine) and leave it in the medium term.

If you are going to use a nuts, yogurt or pasta spread, just leave it on your lips for 5-10 minutes, then wash it. (Leaving them in the medium term will destroy your pillows.)

How often should you do this

Do this consistently for several days.

Why does it work?

When it comes to cocoa margarine, spreads and melted fats, these different types of spreads, removed from different sources, generally contain basic unsaturated fats that deeply skin and support dry skin. Such fixatives as yogurt and buttermilk also contain oily substances that support the skin. At the same time, they look like binders.

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