Salted Caramel Chocolates Recipe

Next, we show you some innovative salted caramel chocolates. This recipe between sweet and salty is ideal to treat yourself and get out of the routine or show off with your guests on special occasions. On the outside, a thin layer of the best dark chocolate and inside, a delicious caramel ganache with flowers of salt.

Although it may sound somewhat complex to achieve, the reality is that you just have to follow the steps explained below to make make your salted caramel bonbons . Do you dare to cook?


  • 500 gr. dark chocolate with 70% coverage
  • 20 gr. chocolate topping with milk
  • 50 gr. butter
  • 50 g of brown sugar
  • 3 gr. of fleur de sel
  • 50 ml of liquid cream (ideally it should have 35% fat)

How to Prepare Salted Caramel Bonbons:

  1. The first thing we will do is fill our chocolates. In a saucepan, put to melt the butter, sugar and salt over medium heat. Stir well for about 5 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, we heat the cream in a small saucepan or in the microwave.
  3. When the butter melts and the mixture looks shiny, add the cream and stir well until all the ingredients are incorporated .
  4. Next, pour this hot mixture over the chocolate milk coating three times . Mix carefully so as not to burn until the chocolate is completely melted. We cover with a kitchen film stuck to the surface and let it temper until it reaches a temperature of around 27ºC.
  5. Meanwhile, we prepare the topping of the salted caramel pralines. To start, we put 2/3 of the 70% chocolate to melt in a water bath. Little by little, when the chocolate begins to melt, we add the remaining 1/3 and stir constantly. At this point, the chocolate should be at a temperature around 28ºC.
  6. We reheat in a water bath for a couple of minutes until the chocolate reaches about 32ºC and is ready to use.
  7. Next, we filled all the cavities of the mold for chocolates using a ladle or a pastry bag. We remove the excess chocolate with a wide spatula and tap the sides of the mold gently with the handle.
  8. We turn the mold over the bowl with the melted chocolate and wait for the cavities to empty . Only a thin layer should remain, which will be the wrapper for our chocolates. Again we tap the sides lightly to avoid excesses and clean the surface of the mold with the spatula.
  9. In a dry area, we place the mold upside down on a tray lined with baking paper.
  10. After about 15 minutes, fill the cavities with the salted caramel cream, leaving a space of one or two millimeters from the edge. We allow the filling to dry overnight and allow us to seal our chocolates.
  11. The next day, we will need to repeat the process to melt the chocolate. We close the chocolates, we clean the surplus with the wide spatula and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  12. We turn the mold and tap it gently on a clean surface. Since the chocolates will come off and fall on their own, it is best to line the surface with a clean tea towel.

How would you taste these exquisite bites? Would you accompany them with a delicious tea or coffee at the end of the day? Or would you prefer to serve them as a dessert on a special occasion, such as a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends? Dare to prepare these salted caramel chocolates at home and share with us the photos of your creation!

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