Broccoli, Asparagus, and Salmon Pudding Recipe

This broccoli, asparagus, and salmon pudding is the perfect excuse to make a healthy dish with minimal effort. The greatness of incorporating into a very special dish, a vegetable like broccoli will make it stand out even more. The fiber and vitamins of this vegetable and asparagus will blend perfectly with the Omega 3 from fish. The salmon will shine with its own light in this ideal setting of flavors, textures and good vibes. If you want to take care of yourself and enjoy yourself, take note of how to prepare this broccoli, asparagus and salmon pudding easily and quickly.


  • 500 gr of broccoli
  • 500 gr of salmon
  • 200 gr of green asparagus
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • 800 ml of liquid cream
  • 6 eggs
  • Nutmeg
  • Olive oil
  • Butter

How to prepare a broccoli, asparagus and salmon pudding

  1. This pudding is easy to prepare r you only need to pay special attention to the ingredients. We wash the broccoli and cut it into small trees of the same size, so that they cook at the same time.
  2. We continue with the asparagus we remove the hardest parts and threads and we cut them. In a saucepan with plenty of water and a little salt, we cook the broccoli and asparagus.
  3. When almost done, al dentes, drain and reserve . While we will continue with the rest of the ingredients.
  4. We continue with the bottom of this pudding we beat the cream and the eggs in a bowl . We will manage to create a base on which the rest of the ingredients will rise.
  5. Add a little nutmeg and rectify with salt and pepper. We will give him a little joy with the butter.
  6. We wash the salmon, remove the skin it may have and cut it into portions of the same size. This type of fish will cook very quickly in the same pudding.
  7. We put the asparagus, the salmon and the broccoli inside the eggs and the cream. Mix until well integrated.
  8. We prepare the mold we spread it with butter or baking paper so that the dough sticks. We pour the pudding mass.
  9. We prepare to cook in a bain-marie . We put the mold on a baking sheet with a little water.
  10. Bake the pudding at 180º with this system for about 50 minutes . We check that the pudding is ready. We remove from the oven and wait for it to cool down to unmold.
  11. We serve with a bit of mayonnaise or tartar sauce to enjoy a most complete and delicious dish.

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