Recipes Saint Patrick 2020: Chocolate cupcakes with Guinness beer

This Saint Patrick 2020 will be a little different, with half the world confined at home, the best way to celebrate is by making some chocolate cupcakes with Guinness beer . These sweets are an easy symbol to prepare and with all the flavor of Ireland in a single bite. A little chocolate mixed with the beer with its own name, will brighten us up a day that we must celebrate. A personalized decoration with clovers and gold coins can be the key to attract happiness on one of the most magical days of the year. Get to work with this recipe for a Saint Patrick 2020.


  • 250 gr of flour
  • 75 gr of pure cocoa
  • 400 gr of sugar
  • 250 gr of butter
  • 150 ml of liquid cream
  • 150 ml of whipping cream
  • 250 ml of Guinness beer
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence
  • 2 tablespoons and a half of sodium bicarbonate
  • 100 gr of chocolate for topping

How to make Guinness beer chocolate cupcakes

  1. We put the beer in a saucepan to warm it up . It will be in charge of giving it that characteristic flavor, we are interested in the alcohol evaporating.
  2. When it is hot we add the butter cut into pieces . We’ll let it melt in the same beer. We will have a kind of sauce that will take shape.
  3. We put the cocoa, the sugar, the sifted flour and the bicarbonat in a bowl We will remove well until they are all well integrated. Sugar can be glass to make it finer.
  4. In another bowl, we incorporated the liquid cream, the eggs and the vanilla . We beat with the electric rods until a sauce with a certain consistency has been created.
  5. We join the two masses, the liquid and the solid. Until it has the right consistency, the last of the ingredients will be the beer with the butter that we will add while continuing to stir.
  6. We prepare the molds for cupcakes we grease them with a little butter so that the dough does not stick.
  7. Fill half of the molds . Taking into account that in the oven they doubled in size. We will have the oven preheated to 180º.
  8. We put the cupcakes at 180º for about 15 minutes until they are ready. We remove from the oven and wait for them to cool to decorate them.
  9. We can put a little cream on top to decorate it and make some clovers with the help of a little chocolate for topping.
  10. Investing time in these cupcakes will allow us to celebrate Saint Patrick with a sweet snack that will serve to spend an entertaining afternoon with the whole family. Dare to try them.

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