Recipe for puff pastry and ham bows

These simple puff pastry and ham bows are perfect for creating an appetizer or a snack that stands out. With a few simple ingredients like a base of puff pastry you can create a bite that will impress. Only with an exceptional traveling companion, a good Iberico ham serrano or york ham, will we be able to create a perfect fusion of flavors and texture. It is time to dare with uncomplicated elaborations that in addition to entertaining us will offer a final result that will seem to come from a bakery or restaurant. Take note of how incredible puff pastry and ham ties are used.


  • 1 sheet of rectangular puff pastry
  • Serrano, Iberian or York ham
  • 1 egg to paint the dough
  • Oregano, seeds or cheese

How to prepare some puff pastry and ham ties

  1. For this recipe we do not need to be master craftsmen of the kitchen, it is not even necessary that we like to cook, the result is impressive with minimal effort. The most complicated part is make us with the right ingredients.
  2. We can use a sheet of puff pastry a pizza base that we have in the fridge or even a bit of bread. The idea is to create the foundation on which these easy-to-prepare ties will stand.
  3. We spread the dough on a floured surface . We can give it an extra point with the roller so that more ties come out or directly leave the dough as it is.
  4. With the help of a dough cutter or a knife, we will cut the entire sheet into strips of the same size. They will be the base of these ties.
  5. We continue with the ham in order to enjoy this incredible recipe, we will use a ham that we like. A good option is any Iberian or a conventional serrano. With a York ham it won’t go wrong either, even with a little bacon we will get a smoky touch.
  6. We cut the ham into strips . We place it on top of the puff pastry strip that we have ready. We are going to roll it up as if we were making a corkscrew. In this way we will be left with a small masterpiece that is easy to prepare.
  7. We put the ties in a baking dish . We beat the egg and paint the bows so that they stand out even more, we can put some sesame seeds, oregano or a little cheese.
  8. We bake at 180º for about 15 minutes until we check that the ties are ready. We remove from the oven and enjoy an appetizer that will be incredible on its own or in the company of a sauce.

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