Recipe for Eggs Stuffed With Piquillo Peppers And Anchovies

These eggs stuffed with piquillo peppers and anchovies are an easy classic to prepare. With the pantry full of good ingredients and some leftover eggs in the fridge there are no excuses not to prepare this wonder. If there is a recipe that everyone likes and, furthermore, children can help us prepare it, this is stuffed eggs . A mixture of flavors and ingredients that will offer us a dose of health and joy. Some piquillo peppers to be fused with the canned anchovies on a soft base, dare to try these eggs, they are a real delight.


  • 6 eggs
  • 2 piquillo peppers
  • 3 anchovies
  • 12 teaspoons of tomato sauce
  • 100 gr of grated cheese
  • 20 gr of butter

How to prepare eggs stuffed with piquillo peppers and anchovies

  1. To cook this incredible recipe that we can eat cold or hot, we will get down to work with the eggs. Cook the eggs for 15 minutes until they are perfect.
  2. We put them under a jet of cold water this way they will peel much better. Peel the eggs and cut them in half. We empty the yolk and put it in a bowl so that it merges with the filling.
  3. Crush the yolks with a fork and reserve while continuing with the rest of these unique ingredients.
  4. We will use two piquillo peppers we chop them and set aside so that they can be mixed at the last moment.
  5. We continue with the anchovies good canned anchovies are essential. We cut them into pieces as small as possible.
  6. We incorporate the anchovies to the yolks mix well before the arrival of the tomato sauce and the peppers, we can reserve some pieces to decorate.
  7. Season with salt and pepper to taste and begin to fill the eggs. As we have them ready we are placing them in a baking dish.
  8. We will give it an extra creamy touch adding a little butter on top before adding the grated cheese. It may be the type that we like the most.
  9. We bake the eggs at 180º for about 15 minutes . They should be browned on top, the cheese will melt to perfection creating a crispy layer.
  10. Remove from the oven and serve with a little parsley on top or oregano to give more color to the finish. We will have ready some impressive gratin eggs that we can eat without going through the oven, as a cold cover they will also be incredible.

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