Recipe for egg custard with 3 ingredients, fast and without oven

This custard with 3 ingredients, fast and without oven is the best way to eat one of the most exquisite desserts that exists. With time to devote to cooking we can go back to the past, to those days when a sweet spoon sweetened the afternoons without worries. To prepare a homemade flan you do not need large doses of culinary art, nor complicated tools, for this recipe, only 3 ingredients are needed. Milk, eggs and sugar are responsible for merging into a delight that is cooked at the speed of light in a fast pot. Dare to try it.


  • 500 ml of whole milk
  • 5 eggs
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar
  • Sugar and water for caramel

How to prepare a 3-ingredient egg custard fast and without an oven

  1. You can print this recipe and put it in the fridge or write it by hand on a large blackboard so you don't forget it. When you try these flans you will never buy them again.
  2. We get down to work with the eggs . We begin to beat them carefully adding the sugar. This base is what will give that special flavor to a homemade egg custard that looks spectacular.  Egg custard recipe with 3 ingredients, fast and without oven
  3. The turn of the milk arrives we incorporate it into the mixture to have these three ingredients ready. The best of this recipe is the technique that we are going to use to create these homemade custards that will make history.
  4. We heat a little sugar, we add two tablespoons of water to get the ideal caramel. It is important that it is a nonstick skillet to prevent the caramel from sticking.
  5. As the caramel is created we will be able to give it a characteristic texture and color. We won't stop stirring until it's done.
  6. We put the caramel in the molds. We distribute it well until they are perfectly smeared with the mixture.
  7. We put the milk, the eggs and the sugar that we have ready in the mold. We will only have to cook them.
  8. We prepare a pressure cooker . We put a little water, we put the molds in it. We close and let the flans curdle in 5 minutes. It is a faster system.  Egg custard recipe with 3 ingredients, fast and without oven
  9. The traditional thing is to make them in the oven at 180º with the same bain-marie system, that is, with water in the bottom, for about 40 minutes.
  10. The express cooker will save much of the time and will achieve incredible results. We will only have to wait for them to cool down to enjoy these flans with a little cream.

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