Recipe for chocolate truffles with dried fruit and oatmeal without sugar

These Chocolate truffles with dried fruit and oatmeal without sugar are one of those snacks that we cannot miss. A healthy sweet that we can eat without almost any remorse, with a good coffee a tea or watching television will melt in our mouths causing indescribable pleasure. Without sounding any alarm, they are made without sugar and with natural ingredients, a way of taking care of ourselves a little, far from the chocolates or the pastries full of this ingredient. If you want to cook your own homemade truffles, take note of these, they are the healthiest that exist.


  • 100 gr of cocoa powder
  • 100 gr of cocoa butter
  • Honey or natural sweeteners to taste
  • 130 gr of dried fruit (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts)
  • 40 gr of oat flakes

How to prepare chocolate truffles with nuts and oatmeal without sugar

  1. Preparing these truffles is very simple and thanks to this recipe we will be able to control the sweetness and fat point that we consume. We will use honey or natural sweeteners, in this way we will avoid sugar as much as possible during these days.
  2. We will use the nuts that we like the most as long as they are natural. There are mixtures of all kinds that we can use. In these times consuming these elements is a basic, its fatty acids are not necessary and recommended.
  3. We prepare cocoa powder with cocoa butter . We will give it a more intense flavor with this mixture. Failing that, we can use a chocolate topping, as long as it is sugar-free and as pure as possible.
  4. The quality of the chocolate will make a difference in this simple recipe. With the chocolate ready we add the natural sweetener. It is better if it is honey or stevia, considering that stevia can make the mixture more liquid, we must measure the proportions well.
  5. We crush the nuts and add them to the mixture . The time will come to let the dough rest a little before we get down to work.
  6. We prepare a tray with baking paper so that the truffles do not stick. We shape them by hand and we put them in the source to cool.
  7. We can make a good quantity to always have them in an airtight container. As it cools down they will become consistent.
  8. These truffles will be perfect to serve with a little cava in an incredible and healthy dessert or as a healthy snack while enjoying our series. Dare to try them.

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