Puff Pastry Recipe Strudel With Custard And Strawberries

This puff pastry strudel with custard and strawberries is a simple and delicious recipe. Any confectionery amateur will enjoy to the maximum with some basic ingredients that will merge to create a dessert that will look like something out of a cooking magazine. The ingredients are very simple, a little puff pastry will become the base of this wonder. Above some custard that will provide creaminess and will be the ones that cover some natural strawberries with glory. If you want to treat yourself, take note of these steps.


  • 1 sheet of puff pastry
  • 250 ml of custard
  • 200 ml of whipping cream
  • Strawberries or fresh fruit
  • Sugar glass

How to prepare a puff pastry strudel with custard and strawberries

  1. The first step in cooking this delight is to have good ingredients on hand. Puff pastry will be the ideal base for these desserts having this delight in the fridge with freezer can be a success for any occasion. In this case it will be transformed into an exquisite dessert.
  2. We prepare the work surface, we flour it before spreading the puff pastry . With the help of a roller we flatten it a little. We will cut rectangles of the same size.
  3. We put the puff pastry in a baking dish . We prick the surface to make it easier to cook and not rise too high.
  4. Bake the puff pastry at 180º for about 20 minutes until we have the puff pastry ready. This strudel will have these sheets that will give it texture and joy.
  5. We continue with the custard we can have them ready or make in a moment. It is a way to give any dessert a base with that characteristic vanilla flavor.
  6. We assemble the cream with the help of the electric rods. We are gradually introducing the custard while continuing to beat. We will have a much more delicate cream.
  7. We put the cream with the custard in a pastry bag to be able to assemble this strudel. We prepare the strawberries.
  8. We wash the strawberries and cut them into pieces of the same size. They will be the perfect complement to this cream that we have prepared for action.
  9. With a pastry sheet at the bottom of the presentation plate we put the pastry cream, we distribute it well.
  10. Above we are placing the strawberries. We repeat the operation, the puff pastry, the custard cream and the strawberries will cover this incredible snack. Top with a little icing sugar to give this strudel the pastry finish we need.

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