Pineapples Replace Pumpkins For Halloween

Yes, it is time to give a tropical twist to the celebration of witches. Discover how pineapples took the place of pumpkins.

This year, the classic pumpkins take second place on Halloween and open the way for a much more tropical and mysterious fruit: the pineapple.

Yes, although this trend in Halloween decoration began in hot places like Miami, the crazy look that has this fruit manages to conquer the hearts of the little ones as they can give a more mysterious turn.

In addition, it can be transformed into different Halloween characters that will bring life to the decorations of the time.

You can light up your interior with mini lights or candles! In addition, you can get different expressions just by playing with the cuts of the faces of this fruit.

If you want to transform your pineapples into dark accessories, it is not difficult to achieve! For you to achieve a successful creation, here we leave you a tutorial. It’s time to include them in your house!

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