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Over the years, photography and photo editing went from being a hobby or profession that could only be accessed through expensive equipment, a lot of study and also experimentation, to become something that anyone could do sitting comfortably at home in front of the computer.

In this, of course, the devices have to do a lot. Modern like smartphones and computers, which offer plenty of power to take on virtually any task we can imagine. In addition to this capacity, we must not forget that all these devices today incorporate one or more cameras within their hardware.

With this possibility of editing our own shots and converting them into a collage, for example, are at our fingertips, simply and without requiring knowledge of focal lengths, coloration, filters or lenses. The only thing we need for this, apart from a PC and our own photographs, is to have a good application to make photo collages, montages, add effects to images and others. The truth is that today there are hundreds of applications that offer us these functionalities.

In the case of photo collages, we can say that there are basically two main types of photo collage applications: Those that are installed on the PC or on the phone, and those online, that is those that can be accessed through the web browser, regardless of the computer and operating system that we are using.

At this point, we can come across such a offering of photo collage apps that it can be even overwhelming. However, there are a series of parameters to take into account to implement a kind of filter with which to narrow the search.

How to choose a photo collage application

In this sense, a good photo collage application should offer the possibility to apply various filters and effects. It should also be simple to use and with a slight learning curve, preferably one of the type “step by step”, that is, those that ask us for what is necessary as the task progresses.

In the case of online photo collage applications, we should avoid those that ask us to install plugins like Flash. We should also avoid those that ask us to register, unless this guarantees the possibility of saving the collage after exporting or printing it.

If we choose For a program to make photo collages to install on the PC or cell phone, we should always consider downloading them from official stores, or failing that, from some software download site known. Try as much as possible not to download, in the case of Android, outside of Google Play.

This is because if we install an application downloaded from an unknown site, be it for Windows, Mac or Android , it is possible that it contains malware. Finally, it must be free and from a known developer.

As we could see, it is enough to take into account. That is why to avoid the hassle of having to select among so many photo applications on offer that is suitable for us, in this megapost of photo collage applications, we will find a list of this type of software, all they are free, easy to use and with the best features.

We will also learn how to make a photo collage without much effort, in a short time and with the best quality.

What is a photo collage

Before starting with the applications to make photo collages, it would be interesting to review the concept of collage a bit, to have good The objective is clear when we sit in front of the software we have chosen.

Basically, collage is an artistic technique that consists of joining several elements on a substrate, which can be fabric, paper or others. In the case of photo collages, specifically digital photo collages, is a composition that includes one or more photographs that may be superimposed or spaced, to which various filters have been applied and effects in order to improve or complete the design.

The complexity of collage is directly related to the ability and knowledge of photography, editing and use of a computer

However, thanks to the automatic tools for making photo collages that currently exist, any user with a minimum of knowledge can achieve a photo collage surprising, with impressive quality and in a few minutes and with little effort.

Having reviewed the concept, we will know the different alternatives available for make collages with programs.

The best photo collage app

Many experienced users in the photo collages will agree that one of the best alternatives available to do this task is Canva a simple tool to use but one that is also extremely powerful.

Canva is a online graphic design service that offers us the possibility of making photo collages, for which it has a special section with everything necessary for to carry out of the collage with our photos have the best and most professional finish. All this in a simple and fast way, without complications or problems of any kind.

As soon as we access the page to make photo collages of Canva, which we can do by clicking on this link, we will find the registration page, which although we mentioned that we should avoid this kind of sites, the truth is that in the case of Canva it is completely justified, already that offers so many features that a job can take us more than a day.

Once there we will have at our disposal a series of tools with which to start making collage, between which are “Text”, “Layout”, “Background” and “Elements”, that is, everything necessary to carry out the task.

It should be noted that all graphic elements can be r rotated or resized at the time we create convenient, including fonts, backgrounds, images and more. Not surprisingly Canva is considered by many to be the best photo collage app . With this interface in front, we can start.

Step by step to make a photo collage with Canva

Step 1

The first thing we have to do to start creating our collage, is to select the arrangement that the photos will have within the design. We can do this in section “Layout”. Once we have selected a layout that we like, we will add the elements that will make up the collage.

Step 2

To add the photos and drawings of the collage, click on the section “Elements”, where we will find a series of items that include shapes, lines, icons, photos and others. To upload our own images, we only have to click on the item “Files uploaded” and then click on “Upload your own images”.

It should be noted that with Canvas we can make a collage combining elements provided by the system with our own photos without problems.

Step 3

In the event that we want to include text, we can easily do it by clicking on the item “Text”, which will show us all the available fonts that we can use.

It should be noted that we can modify both the font and size.


Step 4

Once we We finish with the text, we can go on to include a background. This can be easily done by clicking on the item “Background”, which will change the texture or the fill color of the image background according to what we have selected, covering any white space that may have

It should be noted that we can use any of the colors offered in the Canva funds palette.

Step 5

When we finish with the photo collage, we can download it to our PC to be able to store or print it. To do this, we press the button “Download”, which will show us the different image formats in which we can export the photo collage.

We choose any of the formats, the one that best it suits our needs, and then we click on the green button “Download.”

It should be noted that when the download begins, we will have the possibility of share the newly created collage via email or on major social media.

If you want to learn how to make other designs using Canva, don’t Feel free to click on this link.

Other applications for photo collages

Of course Canva is not the only option available to make collages of photos, there are many others, t anto for devices with Windows, Android, Mac as provided by online services.

As we have seen, today it is possible to create attractive photo collages without the need to have too much knowledge in this type of programs, since there are many alternatives that can be accessed easily and free of charge.

These alternatives allow you to create a wide variety of collages , with different quantities of photos and offering different types of templates, making it possible for anyone to create a small work of art.

It should be noted that t All the applications for making photo collages that we will mention from this point on, offer everything necessary for photo montages in a simple, fast and also free way. They also meet the requirements mentioned earlier in this article.

Photo collage in Windows

Although for Windows there are many applications to make collages of photos the truth is that not all of them are of good quality. But fortunately there are exceptions, one of them being Photo Collage Creator.

Photo Collage Creator is a very simple program to use that allows us to create all kinds of collages and compositions with photos. It includes a fairly extensive range of templates, effects, backgrounds, frames and other elements.

It also offers the possibility of modifying the design at any time. It should be noted that this photo collage maker allows us to export the finished collage in JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG.

If you want, you can download Photo Collage Creator by clicking on this link .

Collages of photos on Android

As we know, the world of Android applications stands out for the large amount of software that we can get for free for our devices, and of course the apps to make photo collages for Android could not be missing. In fact, the diversity of photo compositing programs that exist for this platform is impressive.

However, most are not of good quality or do not offer a comfortable user experience. But there are always exceptions, such as Photo Collage Editor, which is free, easy to use and also offers various filters, frames and effects so that our collage is perfect.

If you wish, you can download this photo collage app for Android for free by clicking on this link.

Other app for photo collage on Android very interesting is Photo Collage Maker, an app that is also very simple to use and with powerful features. In addition to being free, it offers an excellent range of options to ensure that our collage has everything you need to make it stand out.

If we want to try this fantastic app to make collages, we can do it by clicking on this link.


Yes Although the Apple ecosystem is not characterized by offering too many applications, the truth is that the ones we can find are really good, since they have all the support of quality control in accordance with the company’s products.

As with other types of applications, there are not too many variants to make collages on Mac, however they do exist. Among them are Diptic, possibly the best app to create collages in the Mac world.

This software allows us to create collages of an excellent aspect, for which it includes an arsenal of tools for quality such as filters, effects, frames and borders, the ability to select from almost 180 collage designs professional editing options and much more.

Diptic is not free, but due to the benefits and features it offers, its price is laughable, since in addition to all the editing possibilities, it allows us to share the photo collage on the most important social networks.

If you wish, you can download this app to make collages on Mac by clicking on this link.

Online photo collages

Another option it is very interesting when creating collages with our photographs is to resort to free online services available for this, which we can access from any computer or mobile phone that has an internet connection.

In order to use collage tools for online forums we only need, in addition to being connected to the internet, to use the web browser through which we will access the pages web that offer the service.

Here we list some of the free online services available for photo collages.


The idea is very simple. In case of opting for the free version it is possible to upload a total of up to 6 photos and in case of acquiring the paid version (only one dollar), the number of photos to upload increases to 20. One Once you have selected the desired photos you must click on the “Upload photos” button and the magic begins.

First you must choose a background and a frame among the available options, then the size of the image that you want as the final result, and that’s it. After a few seconds, Fotonea displays the collage.

It should be noted that once has finished it is possible to modify its size and add text.

You can access Fotonea for free from here: Access Fotonea now!


One of the great advantages of Photovisi is the number of different collages that can be created, and another is the interface that facilitates this action. It is also very intuitive and visually appealing. One point that cannot be left out is that it was developed in Flash.

The first thing to do is choose the type of collage, some will be available only if you create a user account (free). Then it only remains to select the photos and organize them being able to modify their locations.

To access the service click on the following link: Access Photovisi now!


From the hand of David Hockney, a quite multidisciplinary British artist, a style of photomontage appears with the that an original image is divided, into several different photographs with a polaroid effect.

In addition to being able to give that effect to images stored on the computer, it is also possible to select images from social networks, such as Facebook.

Once you have selected the photo, you must choose the background color and the number of Polaroids in which you want to divide the original photo (from 1 to 20), one click and you can modify it to suit each person.

You can access the service from here: Access Hockneyizer now!


Although we have already mentioned some of the online services for making photo collages, the truth is that there are many more, within which we can find the one that is best suits our level of knowledge.

However, we cannot fail to mention one that truly stands out. Called BeFunky, this is undoubtedly one of the online services to make collages easier to use for everyone.

You can access the service from the following link: Access BeFunky now!

Fotor and FotoJet

In the same way that happens with BeFunky, both Fotor and FotoJet can be considered the simplest photo collage creation tools available online.

In the case of Fotor, it is a very powerful online editor but at the same time very simple and easy to use, which offers a very good number of tools so that the collage is to our satisfaction and with little effort.

You can access Fotor from here: Access Fotor now!

Finally, we have FotoJet, another service for to make online photo collages that already has its time in the market , and with it a very good experience, which translates into good tools and a very simple and pleasant user experience.

You can access FotoJet by clicking on the following link: Access FotoJet now!

How to make photo montages

Missing out on a good photo opportunity is something few really They do, since we are honest, we all like to portray ourselves, and even more so with the ease with which we can do it thanks to the cameras included in modern cell phones and tablets. Photos today have become a popular passion.

That is why photo and social media services such as Flickr, Instagram or Facebook have been so successful, precisely all of them sites where we can post and share the photos we take, and also see those of our friends.

However, and in this we will all agree, if a photo does not have that “spark”, Chances are it’s boring and bland, and you don’t even get a “Like.”

This is where they come into play the applications and websites dedicated to transforming our photos of which there really are many, from the calls “apps change faces”, to the websites and programs for making photomontages, with which we can create, for example, incredible and very fun love photomontages all very simply and quickly.

Precisely in this article we will share very important information about the applications and websites for easier photo montages to use.

What is photo montage

Basically a photomontage is a photography technique that allows us to superimpose several photos until we reach a certain result . Photomontage could be thought of as a kind of collage.

Decades ago, it was a laborious and slow technique, but with the advent of technology in the field of computing and the development of image-editing software such as Photoshop and Gimp, creating a photomontage from multiple photos was greatly simplified .

Even more so with the arrival on the market of modern cell phones and their applications, which allow us the possibility of making excellent photomontages with just a few taps on the screen, at any time and place we meet.

Free photo montage applications

As we could see, the possibility creating a photomontage is within the reach of our fingers, and it is only a matter of to find the photomontage application that best suits our knowledge and needs.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of applications and websites to make photomontages , some of them paid and others free, that is why the first thing we have to do is find a way to filter them. Obviously the first filter that we will impose will be that the apps to make photomontages are free, after that the ease of use.

Below we list those that for our criteria are the best available alternatives.

Photo Grid

One of the best apps and services for free photo montage is without a doubt Photo Grid, one of the most popular applications for Android and iOS that offers the possibility of to make a photo collage simply and quickly, and with just a few clicks.

Among the features provided by Photo Grid the possibility of adding text and stickers, applying filters and adding frames stands out, of which a wide variety is available.

Likewise allows the creation ion of videos from the photos we added, even with the possibility of adding our favorite music to them.

Although the free version is financially supported by advertisements, which in any situation are annoying, the truth is that we can always eliminate them by buying the PRO version.

Download Photo Grid for Android
Download Phot Grid for iOS


Another application for to make birthday photomontages or love photomontages is Photo2fun, an app which like Photo Grid is available for both Android and iOS.

Photo2fun is one of the most complete applications that we can find to make our free photomontages since it allows us to make Very complex photomontages with just a few taps on the cell phone screen.

Despite the ease of use Photo2fun gives us, it manages very well to offer us hundreds of features to make the photomontages more fun and surprising, and with which we will surely be the general comment in all the social networks in which we are registered, one of the main functions from Photo2fun.

It also has a large gallery of effects, and with which we can obtain photomontages in a matter of seconds. Truly an app for photomontages that we have to test.

Download PHOTO2fun for Android
Download PHOTO2fun for iOS

] Pixiz

In the event that we do not want to install any application on the cell phone, we have Pixiz available, an online tool with which we will be able to create free photomontages very easy and very fast, but obtaining truly fantastic results. In addition, it allows us to edit any type of photo, which makes it an ideal alternative when working with our images.

Through Pixiz we can make our montages and photo collages in a very simple way, since the site has a huge number of templates available to choose a reason that we like. In addition we allows you to add filters and edit any type of photograph, including cropping them, removing red eyes, resizing, adding frames and much more, that is to say everything necessary for our photomontage to be flawless.

Another feature of Pixiz is that it allows us to create and send E-cards with the result of the photomontage to our friends and relatives.

Pixiz, is a page that already has its time offering its services, that is why it is one of the popular ones, it is also completely free and does not require us to register, and best of all is that we can create photomontages directly from the browser, without having to download or install any application or plug-in.

Access Pixiz

Step by step make an easy photo montage

Make a photomontage using any of the tools mentioned in this article is quite similar the only thing that changes is the way in which we load the images, since in the photomontage applications for cell phones we will have to upload the photos to the phone, or use the ones stored there.

In the case of the pages website for online photomontages We can drag the photos directly to the browser window. In this case, we will do the example by creating a photomontage using Pixiz.

Step 1

Once we have the photos to make the photomontage ready, we must choose the type of photomontage we want to make. To do this, we navigate through the gallery of the site or the app until we find the photomontage template that we like the most.

Step 2

After that, we select the photos that we are going to use in the photomontage and press the “Go” button, which will immediately start the system.

Step 3

After a few seconds we will have the result ready to be shared or downloaded.

The best online tools to create a photo album

For many, photography is a fascinating world in which to find a profession or a hobby that has an intrinsic relationship with art and expression, and although not everyone in the world shares this passion for photography, which Yes, there is no doubt that for all photos, they are the best way to capture a special moment of their lives forever.

Not for nothing has the phrase “an image says more than a thousand words” also been so widespread for years, and especially when we use photography to try to immortalize that moment that was special because it changed our life, or simply because it portrayed a moment of happiness.

For years, we were tied to film reels, developed photos, photo albums, an aspect that changed forever not only when digital cameras began to become popular, but even more so when all cell phones and laptops, such as tablets, began to include the functionality of the camera.

This has really allowed us to capture that unique moment, which we often lost with our old 110 or 35mm cameras, and so over time we have an immense collection of photos from our time in life.

And although with the obsolescence of the paper printing of these photos, the album has become an antiquity for many, the truth is that it continues to be one of the best alternatives for making photo collections of the same theme or event.

The fact that everything has gone digital does not mean that we cannot have photo albums since the truth is that today there are the most varied tools for this. Even one of the most used options in recent times is to create photo albums through online services, which give us the possibility of creating photography books at no cost.

Of course, everything depends on the service we need, since for example we can find several companies on the Internet that are dedicated to creating photo albums, which we can then receive by mail in book format, as is the case of companies such such as FotoRegistro, Digipix, Nicephotos, RevelacaoDigital, among others, and whose costs are not really high for the service they offer.

However, we can always opt for free services, which provide the possibility to create our own Photobook online with a few clicks, and then download the photo book to print or view it as if we were viewing a digital book.

In general terms, the websites that offer this service for free will require, in principle, that we register on the page, and then to be able to start uploading the photos that we have selected to include in the album and then editing the album format, Depending on the services offered by each site, there may be several options.

Another option is to use a free application that we can install on our PC, and that through simple steps allows us to create photo books, which can then be converted to a DVD or to print in album format.

An interesting alternative in this regard is the album site that we can find at this link and that it is a really simple tool that gives us the possibility not only to create our digital photo albums and then print them, but also allows us to publish them to share them with the world.

A similar service is the one offered by Photo On Web that we can download at this link and which also has support for JPG, GIF, RAW, BMP, TIFF, PNG, CR2 formats, includes FTP software, and offers the possibility of creating our own models with HTML , as well as hosting our albums in the personal space of our Internet provider or on the Photo On Web servers, for which it provides us with 20 Mb of free accommodation. In addition, Photo On Web allows you to import projects into PhotoDVD.

In conclusion, the choice of service or application will depend on our needs.

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