Pepper stuffed with Tuna, Fresh Salmon and Surimi Recipe

Peppers stuffed with tuna, fresh salmon and surimi are a proposal that unites various fish . The meats of the sea have different quite specific flavors that generally combine with each other. It should be noted that all these ingredients are easy to handle and do not need much cooking. Surimi is a product created from white fish processed into a jelly-like paste. In general, its preparation involves the addition of starch, eggs and sugars. We refer to a protein that is easily absorbed and that also tends to have a low cost in the market, compared to other proposals. “Surimi” is a Japanese word and describes this food that is almost 1000 years old among the Japanese.

The mixture of tuna, salmon and surimi generates a fish dish with various proportions of fat . The least natural would be surimi which incorporates sugars and starches, but this is not entirely negative because it ensures a minimal portion of carbohydrates. Of rest, this proposal will be rich in vitamins, minerals and totally natural and positive fatty acids. The cardiovascular system is usually highly favored when marine meat is included in the diet. Here is this recipe that allows you to combine marine flavors … Read on!


  • 15 piquillo peppers
  • 1 plain yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • 100 grams of surimi
  • 100 grams of tuna
  • 100 grams of salmon
  • Parsley

How to prepare peppers stuffed with tuna, fresh salmon and surimi:

  1. Chop the parsley .
  2. Roast the salmon on the grill and simmer without oil for about two minutes on each side . Remove the skin and crumble .
  3. Disintegrate the tuna with the help of a fork .
  4. Undo the surimi rods with the intention that they become threads.
  5. Add the tuna in a bowl and add the salmon . Mix well.
  6. Add the surimi threads and a tablespoon of mayonnaise to the bowl containing the tuna and salmon.
  7. Stir the fish mixture until it is a homogeneous paste .
  8. Add the piquillo peppers to a frying pan with olive oil. Stir fry for one minute on each side .
  9. Take the peppers out of the pan and wait for them to cool down.
  10. Fill the peppers with the fish mixture .
  11. Crush the yogurt in a mixer and add the remaining two tablespoons of mayonnaise. Also add about two peppers .
  12. Add the sauce to the peppers and sprinkle the chopped chives .

The best thing about this recipe is that it does not require as much cooking and the quantities of oil for frying are moderate.

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