Netflix’s € 3 fee reaches more countries, but not yet in Spain

But at the moment Spain is not among them, although there are already two European countries that can watch series and movies in standard definition for a very low price.

Netflix has been testing a very cheap new rate for watching mobile series and movies for a while . Although watching audiovisual content on small screens and without the best possible sound is something that will scare the purists of the seventh art, it is an increasingly popular practice.

What started in India and Malaysia, this past week has already spread to two more , such as the Philippines and Indonesia, as reported by BusinessWorld . These four countries have a common factor: mobile phones and data rates abound, but not so much large houses with traditional Internet connections, hence Netflix has preferred to offer this type of rate as an experiment and for a price So, so low: just 3 euros in the currency of each of these four Asian countries.

It must have worked well for them, as they are already testing in a European country, which is none other than Poland, although the price is slightly higher. In exchange, the price of the rate remains at around 5 euros , below the lowest rate currently in Spain (7.99 euros).

Of course, this fee has its limits: you cannot watch the series on televisions, only on mobile phones, and you cannot play the content in high quality , as they are limited to 480p (very far from the usual 1080p and 4K) .

Netflix is ​​very conservative with the information it shares from users and consumption hours, but it is a fact that in a high number of countries, mobiles are the devices in which more hours of content are consumed.

At the moment, there are no confirmed plans that this cheaper and mobile-only plan will reach Spain, but if it does, it may do so with the version they have received in Poland: a low-resolution fee of around 5 euros. and another with HD resolution, but only for mobiles, for around 7 euros, a figure that is already very close to what we have now.

Despite the imminent launch of Disney + and the proliferation of video streaming platforms such as HBO and Amazon Prime Video, Netflix continues to be the main reference and the largest company dedicated to creating and broadcasting content on the Internet.

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