Netflix: all the premieres of March 2020

We tell you all the movies, series and documentaries released by the world’s most famous video on demand platform.

With virtually all of Spain confined to their homes during the state of alarm imposed by the Government, many citizens turn to streaming platforms like Netflix in search of entertainment.

This online video on demand platform has brought this month a large catalog of premieres with series, documentaries and movies, both in-house and purchased from third parties.

Below, we show you the complete list of Netflix releases in which you can find fantasy, action, suspense, intimacy, romance, intrigue, research and social issues, among others.


Violent anime that encourages reflection on the industrialization of society. The magical beings of nature rebel against humanity and declare war on it. The princess acts as a bridge between both worlds. It opens on Netflix on March 1 .


Traveling right now seems practically impossible. However, we can enjoy the adventures of this anime directed by Hayago Miyazaki in 2001 and which has become one of the essential titles of this genre, It is starring a very cute girl and her dragon. It premieres on Netflix on March 5 .


The third season of Count Belmont’s fight against Dracula premieres on Netflix. This is a series inspired by the legendary Konami video games in which a group of warriors tries to defeat this authoritative vampire and his human and demonic followers. Loaded with hatred, the nosferatu seeks to invade Wallachia and enslave its citizens under the reign of terror of the forces of evil. An essential series for lovers of adventure stories and epic fantasy. It premieres on Netflix on March 5 .


A film of shots, intrigues and corrupt cops by director Peter Berg. It is a film loaded with action and testosterone. An American-flavored film set in Boston that is ideal for a good time. It opens on March 5 .


A series of famous North Americans accompany chef David Wang around the world to eat exotic and eccentric meals. A documentary series that has been created with the aim of fighting racism in gastronomy. It premieres on Neflix on March 6 .


A documentary series that compiles cases of fortunes with a truculent or corrupt origin in the business world. Users, bankruptcies, crimes and other unethical (or directly criminal) practices are the ingredients to enjoy an essential second season. It opens on Netflix on March 11 .


The hit of Netflix Spain returns with a third season. It tells the story of a group of young people – who seem to be taken from the video clip All my Friends are called Cayetano of the group Carolina Durante – as well as their relationships, troubles and misfortunes in an elite boarding school. It premieres on Netflix on March 13 .


This is the second season of a series set in the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. A time when intrigue and the struggle for power are the order of the day. Also, there are zombies that run more than your neighbor the divorced runner . It premieres on Netflix on March 13 .


It is a documentary series in which 100 volunteers of different characteristics participate in different experiments. It seeks to address issues such as age, gender, physical attractiveness, what is happiness and other interesting aspects of human life. It premieres on Netflix on March 13 .


A seasoned policeman has to investigate a series of serial killings that have captured the media attention in quiet Iceland. It premieres on Netflix on March 13 .


An ex-drug addict tries to become a comedian and experiences a series of difficulties. A series on the evolution of people in which the family plays an essential role. It premieres on Netflix on March 19 .


A young Dutchman travels a magical world with a medieval setting to act as a king’s mail. Ideal for teenage audiences. It premieres on Netflix on March 20 .


Played by Oscar Octavia Spencer (the actress in the movie The Basement of Ma ), it tells the story of Madam CJ Walker, an African-American entrepreneur who became wealthy selling cosmetic products. A pioneer in the business world, she now jumps to Netflix in the form of a four-part miniseries. It opens on March 20 .


It seems that its creators had imagined the Spain of the confinement during the times of Coronavirus. Reminiscent of Cube and Saw , this is a Spanish film in which a lot of people are locked in an indeterminate place and will have to fight to survive. It is a metaphor for social classes where those who enjoy a more privileged situation are higher up in the physical space. It has a theme similar to JG Ballard’s High Rise book . It opens on March 20 .


A documentary about the legendary Formula 1 driver. A racer from a time when security measures were minimal to provide a show at high speed. It premieres on Netflix on March 20 .


It tells the story of the head of an ultra group of a soccer team in Naples. A film full of intimacy about violence in sports set in one of the most depressed areas of Italy where the lumpen, the mafia and sports intermingle. It premieres on Netflix on March 20 .


Thriller made in Spain with Javier Gutiérrez and Marico Casas. It tells the story of an unemployed manager who becomes obsessed with a young couple seeking to recover the life they have lost. It premieres on Netflix on March 25


A young Hebrew woman escapes from Germany to avoid having to attend her wedding: an arranged marriage. It premieres on Netflix on March 26 .


Third season of the series that deals with the relationships between a real estate businessman and the drug cartels under the guise of a respectable father of a family. It opens on March 27 .

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