NAPOLI 2019: Group Sports

In the framework of the international meeting of heads of delegation in Napoli, Argentina’s rivals met in the group stage of the group sports, facing the Summer Universiades Games 2019.

In Taipei 2017, the previous Summer Universiades, the two branches of volleyball, men’s soccer and men’s basketball guaranteed their participation in Napoli 2019, since they were among the 8 best teams in the tournament. Although this year they go for more and seek to improve themselves.

Summer Universiade 2019

Men’s football goes for its second participation in Universiades, after losing on penalties against their French counterparts in the quarterfinals, in a very tight game. Similar situation is the one that went through the men’s basketball team, which was very close to go to the semifinals, but fell in the last seconds of a match with Lithuania, selected to be champion. Female and male volleyball were also left out in the quarterfinals. Although perhaps the most bitter taste was taken by the men, who could not repeat the medal achieved in Gwangju 2015. For its part, women’s basketball, this year will try to improve their performance after encountering a tough group stage in 2017.

But there will also be debuts, since the Rugby 7s will have its first participation in a university in both branches. Likewise, the men’s team, “Los Choiques” has been participating in three consecutive world championships and is preparing to receive next year the University World Cup 2020, which will host Argentina in La Plata.

No more detours, so were the groups:


Group A: South Korea, Uruguay, Ireland.
Group B: Italy, Mexico, Ukraine.
Group C: France, South Africa, Brazil.
Group D: Argentina, Russia, Japan.


Group A: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan.
Gupo B: Portugal, Romania, Russia, Argentina.
Group C: United States, China Taipei, Slovakia, Mexico.
Group D: China, Finland, Australia, Canada


Group A: Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Mexico.
Group B: Latvia, Croatia, Russia, Argentina.
Group C: China, Finland, United States, Ukraine.
Group D: Germany, Canada, Italy, Norway.


Group A: Canada, Thailand, Russia, Mexico.
Group B: Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, China.
Group C: Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Hungary, Argentina.
Group D: United States, Switzerland, Japan, Italy.


Group A: Hong Kong, Chile, China Taipei, Ukraine, Czech Republic.
Group B: China, United States, Russia, Portugal, South Korea.
Group C: Canada, Brazil, France, Iran, Poland.
Group D: Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina.


Group A: Canada, France, Japan, Italy.
Group B: Argentina, Belgium, Russia, South Africa.


Group A: Argentina, South Africa, Russia, Romania.
Group B: France, Italy, Canada, Japan.

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