Mike Tyson’s troubling statements about death: "Living could be more complicated than dying"

The world of sport and boxing has been left in suspense after the last interview given by Mike Tyson . The expugile spoke for the British page The Sportsman where he spoke about the concept of life and his perception of death leaving some disturbing statements.

“I am not afraid of him, Living could be more complicated than dying for me . Living requires a lot courage . Without courage, you cannot handle life. Living is a journey, living is a struggle ”, he began admitting.

“We take it too seriously. We think we are someone and we are nothing! We think we are special! Fame sucks ”. A few words that are lived in the social framework with the crisis of coronavirus take on even more meaning and strength.

Tyson delved further into the subject and admitted the fact not being afraid to death something somewhat reasonable in a person who day and day also played his life in boxing rings. “ He knew that there was a possibility that he could die during training, during the fight, but he was not afraid ,” he confessed.

He also admits that the confidence that characterized him during his career , which he described as “a survival mechanism,” is no longer such a once retired and increasingly embraces death. “Now, from my experience, from what I believe, the more I know about not existing , I am more willing to die ”, he sentenced.

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