Light and easy to prepare orange mousse recipe

The orange mousse has the mission of standing up to the chocolate one. Not everyone likes this dessert king, fruit will always be a healthier option. Preparing an orange-flavored dessert is a way to refresh ourselves and enjoy a characteristic sweetness. The orange has the honor of being an ingredient with a lot of vitamin C. A basic for breakfast juices that can have many uses, from sauces that combine with white meats, to biscuits and desserts like this mousse . Go for a healthy and easy to prepare orange mousse.


  • 1 sachet of orange jelly
  • 2 oranges for juice and zest of the
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • 250 gr of whipped cream

How to prepare an orange mousse

  1. This orange mousse is very easy to have ready it allows us to have a delicious dessert with almost no sugar. Something that will always be important these days.
  2. Oranges are a staple of any kitchen we will start to get the bottom of this mousse by squeezing the two oranges.  Light and easy to prepare orange mousse recipe
  3. We heat the juice if we need a little more liquid, we can add a little water, in this way we can create the ideal background for this mousse.
  4. When the juice is hot we dissolve the gelatin with an orange flavor. Not only will it enhance the mousse much more, but it will give it more consistency.
  5. With the gelatin perfectly integrated, we will let it cool down until it gets a little more consistent.
  6. We continue with the eggs we separate the yolks from the whites. We put the yolks in a bowl and beat them with the sugar. We will have a smooth cream.
  7. We mix the yolks and the sugar with the gelatin and the juice. We will get the perfect base for a mousse with a remarkable flavor and aroma.
  8. We assemble the cream this ingredient will give it a spectacular consistency, but it will not be alone, we will lack the whites.
  9. We beat the whites and the cream separately . We blend these mixtures with enveloping movements until they form a single spongy dough.  Easy to prepare, light orange mousse recipe
  10. We will link it directly to the one we have with the orange . This step will ensure us a mousse with the most incredible texture that exists.
  11. We prepare the glasses fill them with the mousse and put to cool in the fridge. Decorate with a little cream and orange zest.
  12. We will have ready a healthy dessert very easy to prepare. With electric or manual rods, success will be assured.

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