Lemon and coconut biscuits recipe

The recipe for lemon and coconut biscuits is a basic of every kitchen. A sweet that is easily prepared, but has its secrets. Some good cookies must be cooked in time, letting the dough rest will give it a very special flavor. In the case of lemon, it will make them more intense and delicious. This citrus will look great with coconut the ingredient that will give it a very outstanding sweetness without the need to include so much sugar. If you want to enjoy an impressive combination of ingredients, take note of these lemon and coconut cookies.


  • 100 gr grated coconut
  • 175 gr butter
  • 300 gr wheat flour
  • 1 medium can of condensed milk
  • 1 egg white
  • lemon zest
  • 70 gr icing sugar

How to prepare lemon and coconut cookies

  1. The recipe for these cookies is not very different from traditional butter cookies, but it incorporates some new features.
  2. We get down to work making the dough. We put the butter at room temperature we are going to merge it with the sifted flour.  Recipe for lemon and coconut cookies
  3. When we have this base, we incorporate condensed milk . This element will substitute sugar for its sweetness and will give cookies a very special texture.
  4. We put the egg white into the mixture and continue kneading . We will be missing the two main protagonists.
  5. We wash the lemon well and grate until we get that skin that will flavor the entire mixture. The grated coconut will be added to this ingredient.
  6. We will have the base ready for some amazing cookies. The dough should not stick to the hands, we make a ball and cover it with plastic wrap.
  7. The ideal of a good cookie dough is that it rest a little. We can leave it for a couple of hours perfectly, after this time we will shape it.
  8. We flour a work surface and roll out the dough . We should have a sheet of the same thickness to cook at the same time.
  9. We cut the cookies according to the shape that we like the most. We can use a cookie cutter, a fun mold or use what we have at home, a simple glass.  Recipe for lemon and coconut cookies
  10. We place the cookies in a baking dish lined with vegetable paper so that the cookies do not stick.
  11. We bake this delicacy at 180º for about 15 minutes . We will have some incredible cookies ready and the kitchen will smell like a thousand wonders.
  12. We wait for them to cool down and we put a little grated coconut or sugar on top. With a tea or a coffee they will be impressive.

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