Joaquín Peiró, one of the heroes of the old Metropolitan, dies at 84

The fine interior, international with Spain in two World Cups, scored 129 goals in his 219 matches with Atlético de Madrid.

Before it was not said “double” or “small society”. In any case, with a fierce journalistic lyricism, “hellish wing”. And that is what, at Atlético de Madrid, were formed by Joaquín Peiró and Enrique Collar . Both, inextricably linked in the best rojiblanca memory, had their own nicknames: Collar, El niño . Peiró, The Greyhound of Cuatro Caminos .

And it is that Joaquín Peiró Lucas, indeed, was very fast, with a long stride. Lightning with stockings down. A luxurious interior. The Atleti had taken him out in 1954, at the age of 18, from the Agrupación Deportiva Ferroviaria, the popular “Ferro”, one of those heroic neighborhood training clubs or slightly less (although “La Ferro” became a soldier in the Second). And he transferred it to Murcia. In season 55-56, with the Murcians in the First Division, he recalled him, already a figure, to set him up as one of the heroes of the old Metropolitan and of the immemorial and immortal history of Atleti.

With the rojiblancos he won two Cups (of the Generalissimo) and the first European title of, in widespread popular language, the mattresses : the 1962 Recopa. At a time when player movements from one country to another were very few, Peiró was a pioneer because of a quality that did not go unnoticed at all by the great clubs of the Continent. Especially from Italians. The Atleti, in need of money, transferred him to Torino in the 62-63 season.


The Toro’s style of play was not adequate for Peiró to show off; or the style of Peiró was not the most appropriate for the characteristics of the Piedmontese club at that time. Be that as it may, the Spaniard jumped to Inter. Not to any Inter. To Inter by Helenio Herrera . And there, in two years, he deployed all his capabilities, helping the Milanese to write some of the brightest pages in their history. The rapport with another Spanish, Luis Suárez , gave a show and worked wonders.

With Inter he won two leagues, a European Cup and two Intercontinental. Having turned thirty, but still quite fast and much wiser, he signed for Rome, where Helenio Herrera had also landed. In his ranks he remained four seasons and won a Cup.


Already as a coach, he began doing the novitiate at Atlético Madrileño, after being second to Juan Carlos Lorenzo in the first team, then moving on to Granada, Figueras and Atletico, where, in March 1990, he replaced Javier Clemente . In August he was already out of the club, victim of one of those attacks of impatience or anger of Jesús Gil . Then Murcia and Badajoz. And Malaga, where he spent five years and reached his highest prestige as a coach. He took over the team in Segunda B and went on to place it in Europe at the Intertoto. He left the benches at Murcia, when he was removed in the 2003-04 campaign.

Peiró was an inside scorer. At Atleti he played 219 games and scored 129 goals. In the Selection, in 12 games, he scored five (one of them 1-0 of the victory against Mexico in the World Cup in Chile’62). He also participated in the England ’66. Atleti must remain silent for a minute when the League, once the virus is over, comes back to life.

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