Iberia, Inditex and H&M announce ERTE in which they will dismiss tens of thousands of workers

The giants H&M e Inditex have announced that they will present Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) that will affect tens of thousands of the workers of each company.

In the case of the Iberia airline, the ERTE will affect 90% of the staff related to flight, assistance and maintenance for three months which could be expanded depending on needs or reduced if the activity recovers ahead of schedule.

It will mainly affect areas directly related to flight activities, ground assistance or handling maintenance. In the case of central services and offices, both corporate and maintenance and handling will be affected by a maximum of 70%.

In the engine area the ERTE will affect a maximum of 60%, while in major maintenance will affect a maximum of 80% both first months and up to 90% the third. In the component area the file will incorporate a maximum of 70%.

However, the company will guarantee minimal connectivity from Spain to allow Spaniards who are abroad return home and foreigners who are in Spain who can return to their places of origin.

The case of H&M the main victims will be the workers in physical stores (about 5,600) due to the cessation of activity caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 .

The company’s intention is to suspend contracts with effect from March 14 , date on which the Government declared a state of alarm.

Likewise, the purpose of the company is to supplement for 14 days the benefit, corresponding to 70% of the salary, that they will receive from the Service Public State Employment (SEPE), until reaching 100% of their salaries .

On the other hand, the company is also preparing an ERTE due to force majeure that would affect the 500 workers in its Torrejón de Ardoz warehouse.

Inditex plans to carry out an ERTE that would affect the entire workforce of its physical stores in Spain, made up of 37,000 workers and would be effective from April 1.

The company has shown its intention to supplement the benefit, corresponding to 70% of the salary, that the affected workers would receive from SEPE. However, has not yet specified how much this complement would amount to.

CC OO criticizes Inditex announcing an ERTE when, as reflected yesterday with the publication of the results for the 2019 financial year , obtained a profit of 3,639 million euros, 5.6% more than in 2018, for which reason it considers that “ could have faced the situation alone given its excellent financial situation”.

The textile company already announced on Wednesday that its objective is to preserve “all employment, complementing the remuneration if necessary during this period” and that at this time “to ensure the The most effective way to achieve this objective is to study all the tools that the Government made available to companies on Tuesday. ”

These ERTEs in the textile sector join those of other groups such as Tendam (Cortefiel, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro and Women’secret), which will affect more than 7,200 workers.

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