How To Tell If An Egg Is Instantly Bad

Eggs are a staple of any fridge . This element solves a quick lunch or dinner. The classic omelette the fried egg of a lifetime or a good sponge cake deserve the best eggs. Knowing the date on which we bought eggs can be difficult, as it is also knowing if they are fresh or not, something that in other foods we see with the naked eye. This closed box that is the eggs needs a few simple tricks to know its real age. Take note of these tips to find out if the egg is bad in a few seconds.

Steps to know if an egg is bad

  • Smell the egg. At first glance it may seem normal, we are also not experts in the tonality of eggs or how they should be, we simply have an egg on hand. We will use the other senses, we will smell it well. There are more or less trained scents to know when a food is bad, in the case of the egg it is not necessary to be a professional, the smell of sulfur stands out.
  • Prepare a home experiment. Not all eggs smell, some do not emit any odor, on the outside they look healthy, but on the inside they are not good. To know it is as simple as preparing a glass with water. We put the egg inside. If it floats it is bad, if it falls down it is good.
  • Listen to the egg. If you have a good ear for music, maybe you have it for eggs. Bring the egg close to the ear and shake it. If you hear a splash it’s a bad sign, the interior is spoiled.
  • Let the egg float. If you place the egg in a pot and it floats horizontally, it is fresh, if on the contrary it is vertical, it will be a past egg. It is a slightly more complex way of knowing the age of the egg.

You can do any of these homemade tricks and they will help you throw those eggs that have been left in the bottom of the fridge and are not good. Take the opportunity to do a good cleaning in the fridge, starting with the eggs.

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