How to Remove Virus From Android Phone Manually

Nowadays, the android operating system is most popular in everywhere in the world because the android operating system is very easy to operate and user-friendly. I got information from google that above 2 billion people are using android phone. Last year 352 million android hands set sold over the world.

Because of the open-source system, you can easily download your necessary app from the internet. Still, if you download the app from the unreliable source, then there is a bit higher chance to get infected by Trojan, malware, Spyware, Adware and some unknown virus. Now I am going to discuss how your android phone infected by harmful virus and how you can remove the virus very quickly.

How a virus can infect your android phone

If you know the reason how your android phone infected by a virus, then it will be easy to remove the virus from your android phone. There are several reasons to enter an infection into your phone-

  • If you download an app, video from a unknown porn site or unreliable source.
  • Some third-party ad agency can inject virus if you click their link.
  • Pop-ups and Redirects are the main reason to infect by a malware virus.
  • Sometimes hacker may crack app and inject virus through this app.
  • If you connect your phone with virus-infected device or pc, then your android phone easily got infected by a virus.

Signs of a Virus-infected Device

There would be some general symptom if your android phone got infected by a virus. So you can easily understand whether your phone ok or not.

Massive data consume

The very first symptoms that your android device has a virus is the rapid reduction of the internet volume. Generally, the virus cracks to run in the background to send unwanted files send to the attacker as this cause in the huge feeding of your internet data volume.

Crashing apps

when you download an app from the app store after that if that apps crash frequently, then you have to be sure about that your android phone is affected by a virus. Most of the time virus force your app without any precaution.

Battery drain quickly

The general symptom of a virus-infected mobile device is battery running low very quickly. Some virus-like “Malware and Spyware” need the power to spread out in your phone’s operating system, so the mobile’s battery is running low very fast.


Many malicious sites like porn or dating site shows pop-ups ad. So if you click that kinds of add, that can redirect you any third party website so as this reason your mobile phone can be affected by the harmful virus.

Unexpected billing

sometimes weird and ghost billing will hit you mobile phone by SMS or email. If it happens, I am pretty much sure that your android phone is affected by the virus.

Unwanted apps

some Trojan virus looks like a real app, but they are not the app. If you download that kinds of the counterfeit app from an unknown source that it can harm your mobile device.

Auto reboot

if any android phone affected by virus then without your permission mobile phone take restart by its several times.

Overheating of the phone

if your phone infected by malware virus, then it can manipulate your android device which one of the main reason behind the overheating of your phone.

How to remove virus from android phone

You can easily remove a virus from your android phone because this task is not a robot science. The main reason behind your mobile phone got infected by a virus is download app from an unofficial site and connect your device with illness affected device. Now I am going to show you how you can sort out this problem.

Reboot your device in safe mode to check harmful virus.

The best way to remove a virus from your android phone is to restart your mobile in safe mode and detect the virus. So follow the step which is given below-

  • Switch off your mobile
  • While switching off your phone at the press and hold the lower side of the volume key.
  • Then you will find out that a logo comes out on phone screen “Reboot to safe mode” after that press of a button.

Remove Administrator entry to delete Harmful Apps

Intentionally or unintentionally, you may allow any harmful app device to administration access. So this app may interrupt the operating function of your phone. So if you remove administrator entry, then you can uninstall this malicious app. Now follow the step which is given below.

  • Step1- select “Setting” of your android phone.
  • Step2- after that select “Security” option.
  • Step3- Now look for “Device Administrator”.
  • Step4- If you get any harmful app, then deactivate it.
  • Step5- no remove or uninstall the harmful app.

Use anti-virus app to detect a malicious virus

Because of the open-source app policy, this is very easy to infect by a malicious virus. So you can easily prevent harmful virus by using anti-virus software. In google play store lots of anti-viruses available so download one of them. I can suggest to you “Avast” or “Bitdefender”. Which best at detect the harmful virus. Some anti-virus will give you “web protection” and “app security” facility as well.

Delete junk file from your device

If your android phone is full with different junk, obsolete file, it may slow down your phone by holding up space. This junk file is a good catalyst to for virus. If you clean up junk file on a regular basis, this will help you out to get a clean and faster android device.

Uninstall battery-draining software or app

It would be best if you uninstalled unnecessary apps which create more power, so it makes your phone heated. In that condition, the device cannot function properly. So you should uninstall harmful software or app, which is the main reason to heat the device.

Update mobile apps and software

If you update your mobile phone on a regular basis, then automatically you will get the update security patch. When your android device give you notification that your app or software need update don’t late. Keep in touch with a new version of software and apps.

Stop pop up ads.

You can easily stop pop-up ads by adblocker technique. If you search on youtube, then you can easily find out which ad-blocking technique is perfect for your android device.

Factory reset.

If you tried all of the technique which discusses above but does not work then the final option is the factory reset. Before doing factory reset you should need back up for your mobile storage which is full with a necessary picture, video or valuable data. So when you reset your device, you will get the clean and fresh operating system. Follow the step to make a factory reset.

  • Switch off your device
  • Press power and volume down key simultaneously

Some special tips to keep your android device safe from harmful virus

  • Don’t download any app or software from an unreliable source.
  • When it necessary to download any app or software from an unreliable source, then very the app or software.
  • Be careful about crack app or software.
  • If any app asks for unnecessary access, then be careful to do this because this app may harm your device. The
  • best option is to uninstall the app.
  • Try to keep some storage and Ram free on your phone.
  • Use best anti-virus software for your phone and update your phone on a regular basis.
  • Always try to avoid battery draining software or app.
  • Be careful about gaming software or app.
  • Do not access on porn site by your mobile device.
  • Block pop-up ads.

Final words

Don’t worry if a harmful virus infects your android phone. If you read my article and follow my terms, hopefully, you will overcome the problem. There is an argument that android phone cannot attack by a virus they are wrong. We all know that Apple IOS has a secure security system even there is a chance to get infected by a virus. So try to keep your phone update and clean and Enjoy your time.

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