How To Make The Perfect Spanish Potato Omelette Recipe

Although it may seem like a simple recipe, the perfect Spanish potato omelette has a series of tricks that we must follow faithfully so that the result is the desired one.

Making a perfect Spanish potato omelette is not as simple as a priori you can think. That is to say, although the recipe does not vary too much, the trick is in the elaboration and the combination of all the ingredients, and that is where the real problem lies. Know all the details you need to make it unbeatable.

Now, in regard to this recipe, you have to understand that to achieve it you need to know very well the quantities that you are going to consume. That is to say, the portions that you have thought about investing because the quantity that you will pour in the pan is proportional to the result of the tortilla once finished.

To better illustrate this idea, keep in mind that the relative amounts of eggs and potatoes to achieve the perfect Spanish potato omelette have to be fairly measured. In fact, a large part of the whole key to this recipe goes through the ratio between these two ingredients.

Later you will discover how to do it with an unparalleled detail. However, you should keep in mind that you will need 2 tools that you can not miss. The first, a non-stick pan and the second is a wooden rod that serves to cover the surface of the tortilla and to be able to turn it around.

Some people, tend to turn the perfect potato omelette used a dish or other utensil that covers serve as a lid. The problem is that it may not take off and when it falls it will shatter or be irregularly shaped.

Do not worry, for those small mishaps there are also practical solutions that you will learn.

By making a perfect Spanish potato omelette you can start your day with an important load of calories, vitamins, minerals and good cholesterol. If you ingest it and then you think about doing sports or some type of physical activity, you will be nourished and with a lot of energy.

Learn how to make this perfect Spanish potato omelette in simple steps

Is the Spanish omelette the same as the omelette?

This doubt is recurrent for those who are outside the Iberian Peninsula, and the answer is yes. Indeed, it is the same recipe. What happens is that this dish also has multiple adaptations in other parts of the world.

In fact, it is common the denomination “omelette” or “egg pie”, etc. So much so that, in many of these alternatives, some often use together with the classic potatoes and eggs also sausage or salami. Also, when preparing the sofrito, you can add the red and green peppers large also.

And, varying a bit, at the time of frying the tortilla, in other places they use from a couple of buckets of butter to vegetable oil. This recipe has adaptations and options, but you are about to discover how to make the original and only perfect Spanish potato omelette recipe.

Perfect Spanish Potato Omelette Recipe


  • 6 large unpeeled potatoes (about 700 g)
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 large chopped onion (100 g)
  • 1 tablespoon of salt (15 g)
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil (45 ml)


  1. Start washing the potatoes very well and making sure to remove all traces of soil they contain.
  2. Next, proceed to peel and let stand 5 minutes in a bowl of water. This serves to soften a little and better contain the cooking.
  3. Then, continue with the onion: cut it into julienne and reserve.
  4. Now, you will use a large nonstick skillet and pour the tablespoons of olive oil. Wait until it’s hot.
  5. Add the potatoes to the pan together with the chopped onion. Be sure to set the intensity of the fire to the minimum possible.
  6. Let them cook for 30 minutes with the lid on. Just before finishing the cooking, remove the lid, raise the heat a little and let it cook for 5 more minutes.
  7. The result you will get will be a softer, somewhat golden and white textured potato. For this is the procedure.
  8. Next, place the mixture of potatoes and onions in another bowl and reserve.
  9. Add salt to taste and stir to distribute better.
  10. Break the eggs and beat them. Pour them in another bowl and reserve a few moments.
  11. At this point, mix the mixture you had of potatoes and onions with the egg shake of the other bowl. Remote it well so that they integrate well.
  12. The trick is also that you allow the mixture to set for a moment before adding it to the pan.
  13. Once the previous step has been completed. Sprinkle the pan that you used initially with olive oil and let it heat up well.
  14. Pour the mixture and cook for 1 minute (no more, exactly that time).
  15. Repeat the process for the other side of the tortilla.
  16. Finally, turn off the heat, let it sit for 20 seconds and proceed to remove it with the help of a slotted spoon and that’s it! You will have finished making your perfect Spanish potato omelette.

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