How to make sourdough

Making sourdough is one of the most sought-after recipes of these confining times. This base is essential for breads and great pastry masterpieces. With time to cook, nothing better than to return to the origins, that fluffy crumb of village bread that brioche or traditional coca that we can fill with chocolate, cottage cheese or cream, will be reborn from new in our oven. Like the phoenix it takes strength to overcome circumstances, but with this mass everything will be possible. Dare to create your own sourdough, the result will be worth it.


  • Flour
  • Water

Steps to prepare the sourdough

  1. This sourdough will give any bread the necessary texture . It takes time to prepare it, it is the only thing that we have left these days. The result is worth it just for the fresh bread.  How to make sourdough
  2. With the dried yeast powder this traditional yeast will become essential . We get down to work mixing the flour and water in equal parts. If we use whole wheat flour, the proportions may vary a little.
  3. The first day we mix the water with the yeast . We put the dough in a bowl and cover, we will let it rest in a dry and hot place for about 24 hours.
  4. The next day there will be bubbles that will indicate that the fermentation process has started. It may have changed color.
  5. We remove the dough and cover again to let it sit for another 24 hours. Patience is the secret of a good sourdough.
  6. On the third day, we remove half of the dough and put flour and water back in the same amounts. We will have a mass similar to the first day.
  7. On the fourth day we will do the same as the third . We make the mixture again and let it sit for another whole day.  How to make sourdough
  8. On the fifth day we left a smaller amount of sourdough . Fill again with water and flour and we will have the dough ready.
  9. There is a trick to know if it is ready, we put a little sourdough in a glass of water, if it floats it is perfect .
  10. This bubbling dough will manage to activate any bread or brioche of those of a lifetime. We will win a homemade yeast which is what makes the difference.
  11. Dare with this wonderful recipe. You will be able to crown yourself in this new era in which bread and traditional sweets reign in all houses.

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