How to make a homemade protection mask with a plastic bottle

The Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague has shared on the internet how to easily make a plastic mask at home.

Vojtěch Petráček, Rector of the CTU in Prague and nuclear physicist, has shared the simple instructions on how to make an “anti-virus” mask at home. You only need a PET bottle. In the Czech Republic it seems that they are short of supplies, so this home design may be helpful for some people.


  • Two-liter plastic bottle.
  • Window sealer (optional).
  • Elastic bands.
  • Paper napkins.
  • Scissors.


In addition to the mask, he has also designed a filter model that could be made at home for immediate use.

According to Vojtěch, the instructions are simple: cut an empty 2-liter PET bottle as shown below, and seal the inside of the sections with window sealer for convenience. Then make the closure for the ears by passing holes in the PET elastic band and glue it to seal.

To finish insert the filter cartridge. You can do it with a few layers of wipes or paper napkins.

According to Petráček, the mask is relatively comfortable, and he also believes that if people had it, it would reduce the chance that the new coronavirus would not spread as easily.

“ A simple solution like this can help reduce contagion . The filter can be changed and the entire mask is disinfected with alcohol, “he explained.

” The Rector is simply trying to help companies when masks cannot be bought, ” said Lucie Orgoníková, chancellor of CTU for News.

In addition to the mask instructions, CTU also contributes to this crisis by producing disinfectants . It supplies them to the Integrated Health System (IZS) hl. from Prague.

” It is difficult to obtain the basic raw material at present, which is 96% ethanol. Now it is supplied by the Prague crisis management source, ”Orgoníková described.

And they are not the only ones, given the lack of material, in the Philippines they are also making their homemade masks with plastic bottles. Here’s how they do it:

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