How to Lose Abdominal Fat : 5 Foods To Eliminate Abdominal Fat

Today we will teach you 5 foods to eliminate abdominal fat.  Abdominal fat and specifically visceral fat can damage your body more than you imagine. It is not only aesthetic.

Eliminate Abdominal Fat

That’s why we are going to help you reduce abdominal fat. We will explain how to lose abdominal fat quickly and effectively.


Today you will learn

How to Lose Abdominal Fat.
5 Reasons Why You Accumulate Abdominal Fat.
Activate Your Brown Fat To Reduce Abdominal Fat.
Dangerous Foods That Increase The Accumulation Of Fat.
5 Foods to Eliminate Abdominal Fat.


How to lose abdominal fat

The abdominal fat is one that accumulates in the gut. Yes, I am referring to the hated and feared Michelin. We all love feeling beautiful and wanted, and in that combination abdominal fat has no place. Surely you have tried to lose fat on numerous occasions. In this article, I will try to help you finally get it.

However, I will tell you something that is even more important. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics. Abdominal obesity is the one with the greatest risk to your health. Abdominal fat can lead to cardiovascular, inflammatory, diabetes, and even metabolic syndrome.

In this article, I will tell you what foods will help you eliminate abdominal fat faster and how brown fat can help you.

But let’s go in parts. The best way to fight the enemy is to first know him. Abdominal fat is made up of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Let’s see it in detail.

Subcutaneous Fat

The subcutaneous fat or peripheral fat is the one below the skin. It is the fat that can be seen and that bothers you so much when you wear your favorite shirt.  Subcutaneous fat is stored in cells called adipocytes. When the adipocytes are filled, the fat is stored outside the tissue.

This is when the problem really comes. The fat ends up depositing on the organs of our body; like the liver, the kidneys and the pancreas. The fat that is in the organs, as I suppose you can imagine, is visceral fat.


Visceral Fat

Having high visceral fat values ​​implies having twice the risk of suffering from diseases.  Visceral fat is the most dangerous type of fat for health. This does not mean that the fats that accumulate in the glutes and hips are not harmful. Only they have a lower risk.

In any case, I encourage you to start acquiring healthy lifestyle habits. Prevention is better than cure.
To help you, I have prepared a valuable ebook with cooking recipes for a whole week with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also includes useful nutrition tips that will help you get rid of excess fat.

Maybe now your question is why this happens in your body. I already advance you that genetics is important but it is, even more, the way to feed yourself.

5 Reasons Why You Accumulate Abdominal Fat

A couple of weeks ago I told you about how to calculate your body fat. I explained how to know your ideal body fat percentage.  Specifically, we saw how the amount of body fat in women is greater than that of men.

We tend to have more tendency to accumulate fat in the area of ​​the buttocks and hips. Although this is altered in periods such as menopause.

On the other hand, men have more tendency to accumulate fat in the abdominal area. In any case, the reasons for this happening go beyond age or sex. Let’s see in detail 5 reasons that will increase abdominal fat.


1. Stress

The pace of life and the rush of day to day make you pile up stress almost without realizing it. When you are stressed a hormone called cortisol is released and as a result your body begins to accumulate more amount of fat in the abdominal part.

As if that were not enough, stress in most of us makes us more anxious about food. You will probably end up eating more than necessary.

Also with the rush and lack of time you will surely end up eating unhealthy foods. So relax, take your time and do some physical exercise.

2. Not getting enough sleep

Sleeping is essential to recover from the activity of the whole day. For the body to be ready you need to sleep about 7 or 8 hours a day. Sleeping less than 6 hours a day will make you 28% more likely to be obese.

Lack of sleep causes ghrelin to be activated. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone. It also decreases the leptin which is the hormone that is responsible for controlling the feeling of fullness.

So now you know how to lose weight and get rid of abdominal fat try to respect the hours of sleep as much as possible.

3. Drink alcoholic beverages

Drinking alcohol makes you fat. Alcohol is a high-calorie drink that is empty and harmful to your health. Also I have to tell you that alcohol is one of the main responsible for producing fat in the liver.

Drinking alcohol not only makes you fat but it will shorten your life. As you hear it. If you drink often you will end up with fatty liver. So you will be more prone to diseases such as diabetes and liver diseases very serious to health.

4. Sedentary

Lack of activity and spending hours in front of the computer, watching television or lying on the couch is one of the factors that will make you gain weight.

Also, as I suppose you already suspect, sedentary lifestyle produces visceral fat. So if you do not want to end up with your organs full of fat, do not waste a minute and start moving.

5. Poor feeding

Excess calories, trans fats, sugars and in short a bad diet will make you gain weight and accumulate more abdominal fat.


Activate Your Brown Fat To Reduce Abdominal Fat

Brown fat or brown fat is a type of fat that is able to activate metabolism and burn white fat. Brown fat has become the new way to burn fat.

Brown fat is not really a new substance. It is a type of fat very common in babies and its function is to maintain the temperature at that time of life.

What happens is that when we grow our internal thermostat is more effective and therefore brown fat progressively decreases since we do not use it.

It has recently been found that cold causes body fat, or white fat, to turn into brown fat. Hence the new experimental therapies to lose fat based on the cold.

Cryotherapy may sound to you as well as relieving pain for certain injuries and counteracting inflammation is used as a tool for the treatment of obesity.

But not everything was going to be a matter of being cold. Food and exercise also activate brown fat, so you already have another reason to start with new habits.


Dangerous foods that increase abdominal fat

Refined flours, junk food, processed products and high sugar are the culprits that your gut begins to accumulate abdominal fat.

So that you have them well located and you can avoid them, I have prepared a detailed list of the most harmful foods. Get away from them!

  • White Bread
  • Processed Meats
  • Sweets and industrial pastries
  • Snaks
  • Soft Drinks
  • Suger
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Vegetable Oils

But not all is bad news. Do not waste any more time and know the 5 essential foods that you must incorporate into your diet to lose abdominal fat.

5 Foods To Eliminate Abdominal Fat

The key to preventing abdominal fat from accumulating is to eat foods that are low in calories and have a lower glycemic index.

In the study that I have participated, we have found a series of foods that will help you to eliminate abdominal fat. Here are the 5 most important.

1 Fruits

Fruits in general provide a high fiber content. Fiber will help you increase the feeling of fullness. You will eat less and delay the absorption of fats.

The fruits also provide prebiotics that will help you regulate the intestine. As if that were not enough, the apple, watermelon, orange and strawberries contain vitamin C and flavonoids.

The fiber together with the prebiotics, vitamins and flavonoids make the fruit an excellent option to eliminate abdominal fat.

2 Vegetables

In general, all vegetables are recommended for their high fiber content and low calorie intake. But there is a specific group of vegetables that are cruciferous, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, which contain indole-3-carbinol, vitamin A, riboflavin and vitamin B6. All of them ideal substances to eliminate abdominal fat.

If yours are the recipes and you’re looking forward to getting the most out of all these foods do not miss our free ebook.

You will have a full week of healthy recipes step by step, the exact shopping list and nutrition tips that will undoubtedly improve your health.

3 Nuts

If you are one of those who think that nuts grow fat I have to tell you that you are wrong. Not only will they help you lose abdominal fat but they will help you to reduce your appetite.

The nuts contain proteins, calcium and fibers that allow maintaining the feeling of satiety for longer.

They are without a doubt my favorite healthy snack. Do you take them often?

4 Yogurt

Calcium and vitamin D are two very important nutrients present in yogurt that help stimulate metabolism. In addition, yogurt contains pentadecanoic acid that has been linked to the lower weight gain and abdominal fat.

On the other hand, yogurt is also rich in probiotics that will help regulate intestinal transit and energy intake.

5 Vegetables

Legumes are rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium. They will help you to delay the feeling of hunger and improve the absorption of some foods. Legumes are a must-have food in your kitchen.



Our advice to eliminate abdominal fat is to start acquiring healthy habits and make a real change in your diet.

You have to avoid as much as possible the refined flours, the processed foods and the alcoholic or sugary drinks.

The key is to bet on a diet based on vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, nuts and dairy products in moderation.


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