How To Know Good And Bad Foods For Your Liver

The liver is a vital organ and it is essential that you take care of the health of this so that your digestive system works correctly. The best way to do it is by watching what you eat. For that, we give you a list below with some good and bad foods for the liver .

Good and bad foods for the liver

This body is responsible for filtering waste and harmful substances from your body, absorb nutrients from food, store certain vitamins and produce bile to break down fats. If you have any liver disease, such as hepatitis or cirrhosis, it is even more important that you be careful what you eat.

What foods can I eat?

Often, patients with liver diseases should reduce the protein they consume and increase carbohydrates. As it is not easy to achieve a perfect balance, it is advisable to seek the help of a health professional.

Some protein sources are chicken, fish, meat, milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese and beans. And you can get the carbohydrates from the potatoes, the peas and the corn.

1. Reduce the amount of liquid and sodium you consume

People with liver diseases tend to suffer from swelling, so it is recommended that they reduce the amount of liquid they consume, including milk, soft drinks, juices and water, as well as gelatin and soups. Also, alcoholic beverages should be avoided, since alcohol can make the disease worse.
In addition, the consumption of sodium should be reduced, since it causes fluid retention and worsens swelling.

2. Foods you should not eat

Among foods that are particularly harmful to your liver are those that are high in sodium, such as bacon; sausages; processed foods, such as frozen foods, crackers, and packaged chips; soy sauce and barbecue sauce; canned soups; the salt; and canned vegetables. In general, you should avoid foods with a high sodium and fat content.

3. Eat enough

While it is important to be careful with what you eat, it is also essential that you do not stop consuming the amounts of nutrients you need so you do not lose a lot of weight. This is why it is important that you have at hand a list of the foods you can eat and vary your diet so that you eat enough.

What is the menu for a healthy liver?

At breakfast : Eat a citrus fruit, toast with butter and jam, and coffee.

At lunch : You can eat some lean meat – fish or chicken – with potatoes, salad, a boiled or sautéed vegetable, whole wheat bread with butter, some fruit and milk.

As a snack : You can eat cookies and milk.

At dinner : Prepare a meal similar to lunch, and eat fruit for dessert.

It is not necessary that you develop a medical condition so that you begin to take care of your diet, take care of how red meat affects your liver and diminish it a little from your menu. If you want to enjoy good health, take the necessary preventive measures to avoid liver treatments , remember these good and bad foods for the liver and start eating healthy!

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